What to Consider When Adding an Attached or Separate Garage at Home

Attached or Separate Garage Add-Ons: What to Consider If you're looking to add a garage to your home, then you essentially have two options at your disposal. You can either include an attached garage (connects to the rest of your home) or purchase a detached or separate garage. Since both have their pros and cons, we thought it necessary to [...]

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Design for Vacation Rentals

The Best Garage Designs for Vacation Rentals Having a vacation home can be a great thing for yourself and the family. It provides you with a destination that is truly yours each and every summer. However, vacation homes, when not in use, can get quite expensive. This is why so many owners choose to rent it out. When you do [...]

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How and Why You Should Upgrade Your Home Garage’s HVAC System

HVAC Upgrades for Your Garage More often than not, home garage spaces are not built with the idea of cooling or heating them throughout the year. They are built to store your car and nothing else. However, more and more people are using the space to do more than just protect their cars. Some are building offices and workshops, to [...]

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Restoring or Tearing Down a Vintage Garage? Here Is What to Save

Vintage Garage? Save These Furnishings Before You Tear Down If you've come to the point where your vintage garage is simply not getting the job done, then you know it's time for an upgrade. However, you may also feel bad for tearing down such an amazing piece of work. As the saying goes, they don't make them like they used [...]

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Tips on How to Convert Your Garage Into Your Very Own Home Theater

Turn Your Garage Into an Indoor/Outdoor Home Theater If you've dreamed of watching your favorite movies on the big screen, there is nothing better than starting to construct your very own home theater to watch them on. However, if you have a family, you may not have the spare space to construct one. However, you are likely to have a [...]

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Garage Play Spaces Are Easy to Create and Ideal for Kids at Home

Garage Play Spaces for Stay-at-Home Kids Today, the average family needs a variety of rooms to make the home efficient. Of course, you'll need the bedrooms, but you are likely also to need an office for yourself or the family. This can cause an issue when you have nowhere else for a play space. Fortunately, you do have one option [...]

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