Licensed, bonded, and insured, we are up on the latest standards, tools, and techniques. We have no problem sharing our documentation, so don’t hesitate to ask; we’ll disclose any information you request to see.

We cover defects in workmanship with a one-year limited lifetime warranty. Though we’re confident in our technicians’ ability to get it right the first time, your Long Beach new garage door installation is warrantied, while the door and its parts are covered by a manufacturer warranty.

We employ only our own full-time technicians trained at our state-of-the-art facilities. They’re knowledgeable on the latest products, tools, and repair methods. Plus, they’re available 24/7 for emergency service, and arrive in fully stocked trucks so you don’t have to wait for repairs.

We use standard replacement parts. Quality is the priority, so we can ensure your door runs smoothly and safely for a long time. The highest quality parts ensure the safety of you, your family, kids, pets, vehicles, and anything stored in your garage.

New Garage Door Installation

We are a sales and garage door installation company. Our Long Beach garage door installation team will determine your exact requirements during a no-obligation consultation. You’ll then get a free signed estimate detailing the entire process. We offer a wide variety of doors including single-double, and triple-layer garage doors.

We offer steel garage doors, which are durable, low maintenance, and affordable, but we can install vinyl, wood or wood composite, and aluminum/glass garage doors as well. Whether you prefer a roll-up, swing-up, swing-out, or sliding garage door, we can help, and offer various colors, configurations, and accessories.

Cost is often the biggest concern homeowners face. With a little research, you can save; however, the lowest-priced garage doors are non-insulated, lighter, and lower grade steel. If you want something long lasting, go with a more durable model, which may cost more but equal long-term savings.

Non-insulated garage doors can sap your home of energy. An insulated garage door not only keeps your garage warmer, but reduces air leakage, so your heating and cooling system is more efficient. Reduced outside noise is another perk of insulation. Precision Door Service of Long Beach offers multi-layer insulation and thermal resistance, which can boost efficiency and reduce your energy bills.


Yes, we do. Our inventory includes many leading-brand garage door openers. We also have our own line of advanced models. The type of opener depends on the size of your door; for example, ½ horsepower motors are okay for standard garage doors, but larger doors may require 1/3 or ¾ horsepower motors. We also stock LiftMaster openers for tight ceiling spaces; contact us to learn about all your options.

It takes just a few steps to program a keypad or remote control. Read our step-by-step instructions on how to program our garage door opener remote or keypad.

Your garage door opener is telling you something. If your door refuses to close, there can be one of several reasons. One flash typically means the safety sensor has been triggered, or it may be malfunctioning or disconnected. Two flashes mean the sensor wires have shorted out or have been incorrectly installed, while three flashes indicated a door control wire problem. If there are four flashes, the photoelectric sensor is misaligned. Five flashes tell you the motor is overheating or the RPM sensor has failed, and six flashes tell you the motor circuit has failed.

If the motor activates, but the garage door doesn’t open, you can isolate the problem by manually opening the door. Unlocking the door, removing an obstruction, or having a technician repair a broken spring/snapped cable/jammed pully may resolve the problem. Also check if the emergency release has been accidently pulled.

If your garage door has stopped working altogether, perhaps the batteries in the remote control have drained, or the safety sensors are misaligned or obstructed. You can replace the batteries or clean the sensors; if the lock or vacation button is on, you can reset it. Call us if your garage door opener still isn’t working; it may be something more technical we can troubleshoot and fix.


There are many reasons a door may jam. If the door is locked or an object is stuck in the track, you might be able to fix it. Try replacing the remote control battery. If you notice a broken spring, worn out cable, or stripped gear, call us. These are problems only a qualified technician can safely fix. Review our garage door opener resource to determine whether you need to call a technician for assistance.

Shaking or shuddering garage doors should be checked by a professional, who can fix loose/weak pulleys or faulty cables, rivets, or ball bearings. Loud squeaks may mean your door or parts need lubrication. If you hear a metallic grinding, belts or chains may need to be adjusted or motors or gears replaced. Popping sounds may mean there’s a lack of lubrication, a hinge is loose, or debris is in the track. Old spring coils or bad rollers might cause clinking. If there’s a complex series of clunks, thumps, and booms, there may be a garage door opener or torsion spring problem.

Check with the owner’s manual, the manufacturer, and our qualified experts. Today’s garage doors are built stronger, so annual inspections generally suffice. The periodic door balance test is useful in determining whether maintenance or repairs are needed. If any parts appear worn or damaged, or something sounds off, don’t ignore it; call a technician right away.

It only takes one visit! Professionally trained, our garage door technicians in Long Beach are prompt and drive fully stocked trucks. Once they arrive at your home and inspect the problem, they can go back and find any part or accessory they need inside the truck. Our technicians are highly skilled and can troubleshoot any problem, then complete any type of repair or replacement.


Garage door springs are under high tension. Removing or winding a torsion spring yourself can lead to severe injury or death. Our technicians are extensively trained and employ special tools to safely replace garage door springs. We can also install heavy-duty oil tempered torsion springs that can last four times longer than standard springs. Whatever you do, don’t attempt DIY spring repair. It’s simply too dangerous.

They’re either torsion or extension springs; a torsion spring has metal cones at the ends and is encased in a metal tube attached to cable drums. If you see springs on the side of the door attached with loops, they are extension springs.

Yes. Each edge of the garage door is sealed to keep out cold air, moisture, rain, snow, debris, and insects. There are different types of garage door seals. Weather seals are found on the bottom while threshold seals are secured to the floor beneath the door. Drafty, cracked, or buckled seals should be replaced quickly to avoid drafts, water infiltration, mold, insect infestations, and other problems.

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