Garage Door Installation and Repair in Long Beach

Precision Door Service is the garage door repair and garage door installation company Long Beach homeowners trust. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we’re committed to quality and offer same day and 24/7 emergency service. We also stand by our work with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers parts and labor after each installation or repair job.

No matter when you call, our experienced technicians are prompt and get the job done right the first time. Quality workmanship, a lifetime warranty, superior parts, and promptness are our hallmarks. When you need repairs, we are fast; our trucks are stocked with common replacement parts, so our team is ready for anything. If you need a new garage door in Long Beach, we have plenty of options available.

Precision Door Service: Serving Your Long Beach Garage Door Installation Needs

Long Beach, situated along the Pacific Ocean, is about 22 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. The city is home to the Port of Los Angeles, which by container volume, is the busiest port in the U.S. Other points of interest include The Queen Mary, a floating 1930s hotel; Knott’s Berry Farm theme park; and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Whether you live in Alamitos Beach or East Village, Eastside, Bixby Knolls, or Lakewood Village, our technicians are dispatched to reach you quickly.

You don’t want to wait to fix your garage door, or else you risk:

  • Your car being stuck when you need it the most.
  • A criminal entering through the compromised garage door.
  • Heated or cooled air escaping from the door, wasting energy and money.
  • Reduced curb appeal and home value if it looks run down.
  • More extensive damage, which can cause cost and safety concerns.

Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in Long Beach

Precision Door Service of Long Beach is prompt and reliable no matter how urgent your situation is. If your garage door is stuck, or you have a broken spring, you can call us day or night; you can count on us 24/7. Whether your garage door panel is damaged, or you spot a broken cable, a technician can be there to address the problem. When garage door repairs won’t resolve it, we can provide compliant, competitively priced replacements.

If there is a damaged spring, cable, or track, it will affect your garage door’s performance and will only get worse. Avoid risks such as injury or damage caused by crashing garage doors by contacting us for emergency garage door service in Long Beach.

Garage Door Installation and Repair

Part of a nationally renowned company, we are knowledgeable on just about any garage door related issue, and can repair or replace any part. Each one of our trained, certified technicians is field-tested at a training facility to offer the most dependable garage door repair in Long Beach. You can therefore depend on prompt, dependable service on garage doors, springs, cables, panels, openers, tracks, and more. Our specialties span all aspects of garage door installation, so you can call on us for:

New Garage Doors

Long Beach customers who require new garage door installation can choose from a variety of options. We offer different types and styles, but can address other factors as well. Some customers like windows installed for natural light or to improve their décor.

We can incorporate unique handles, knobs, hinges, straps, and other decorative hardware, while garage doors can be colored shades of brown, tan, beige, white, black, or green.

Aside from thermal installation, or standard and custom sized doors, our Long Beach technicians can help you choose options such as:

Steel: Strong, rust-proof, and long-lasting, not to mention affordable when compared to other types of doors of similar size and weight.

Carriage Style Doors: Resistant to harsh weather and extreme temperatures, these come in choices of classic to modern styles.

Carriage w/Thermo Tech Doors: Energy efficiency is complemented with a choice of designs and advanced features.

Wood Doors: Offer unlimited decorative choices but are also well-insulated, plus they absorb sound well and can easily be customized.

We also offer our Precision 100, single-layer steel doors; Precision 200, double-layer; and Precision 300, triple-layer doors with insulation between two steel layers.

If style is a priority, we stock roll-up, swing-out, swing-up, and sliding doors (sliding and swing-out models feature a two-door configuration).

Garage Door Springs

Precision Door Service will be there the same day you call whenever you have a broken spring or notice one looks badly worn, rusted, or corroded. Wear and tear do take a toll over time, since high-tension springs must support the door’s weight every time it opens or closes. Doors weighing up to 300 pounds may have one or two torsion springs, mounted above the opening, or tension springs that run perpendicular to it.

If a spring is broken, you’ll see an approximately two-inch gap when it is wound. Other signs of trouble include:

  • A sudden, loud banging noise
  • The door stops at six inches
  • The door is bent at the top
  • A cable or pulley is hanging
  • The door lowers too quickly
  • The emergency release rope doesn’t lift the door

Garage Door Openers

Our Long Beach garage door installation experts can fix a noisy belt drive or an opener with a screw drive, direct drive, or jack shaft. We also offer several options to replace a broken or old garage door opener. A few models are available, depending on the space and the type of system you have.

Garage Door Panels

Your garage door panel is the largest, and heaviest, part of the garage door system. Installing replacement panels is relatively simple and safe when done by an expert. We can also repair a damaged panel whenever possible, especially if it’s noisy, the garage door is uneven, or doesn’t open or close. Damage from weather, collisions, or vandalism can be unsightly. Oftentimes we can repair the issue or upgrade your garage door panel thanks to the many different types and materials we offer.

Garage Door Cables

Supporting the panel’s weight, cables undergo much strain with each cycle. Lift cables are made of smaller strands of galvanized wire, which can wear out and weaken the overall cable. A garage door also has retaining cables to support the extension spring, while torsion spring cables support torsion springs. Cables are managed by a system of pulleys, spools, and cable drums. There are many points for wear and potential breakage, but our certified Long Beach garage door technicians can fix any problem.

Garage Door Tracks

Every garage door travels along a track. Older tracks may succumb to rust and corrosion, but newer ones are made of protected galvanized steel. An issue with a track can cause rollers to come loose and your garage door to go off the track. Minor dents and bends can be fixed. However, a heavily damaged track will have to be replaced. Possessing the required experience and tools, our Long Beach garage door repair & replacement technicians can install standard lift, vertical lift, or high lift tracks depending on the configuration of your system.

Signs You Need Garage Door Replacement

Our technicians will provide garage door repair in Long Beach whenever possible. Oftentimes, a repair job will extend the life of your garage door, but there are times you should seriously consider replacing it altogether.

Signs it may be time for a replacement include:

Noise: A garage door often makes more noise as it gets older. If the noise level has increased suddenly when it opens and closes, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Severe Damage: Projectiles, hail, and unintended collisions eventually take a toll; a replacement can improve curb appeal, and this may be less costly than continual repairs.

Delayed Movement: If the response is delayed when you press the opener button, have a professional inspect the system to determine why and take the right course of action.

Prolonged Issues: Consistent, unaddressed issues tend to wear out and strain heavy moving parts. Consider garage door replacement for your Long Beach home if sudden issues haven’t been fixed.

Age: Modern garage doors have improved designs, are sized for modern cars, and effectively boost home value and security. They are also harder to break into.

Decreased Energy Efficiency: Old doors with poor insulation can increase cooling costs, but newer doors have energy efficient materials and weather stripping, which can keep your utility bills down.

Lack of Safety Features: Weighing hundreds of pounds, a garage door can cause severe injuries, especially to children. New doors have sensors to detect children, pets, or objects, yielding a safe, cost-effective system.

Garage Door Maintenance Services in Long Beach

With regular maintenance, a garage door can remain at peak performance for a long time. It can avoid premature failures and high repair costs too. Our technicians are trained in all types of maintenance.

Precision Door Service offers a 5-Star Maintenance Program in which we schedule annual maintenance and conduct a 25-point safety inspection. We’ll check your torsion springs, hinges, tracks, door panel, and garage door opener; provide a visual inspection; and apply a silicone-based spray lubricant; and perform a door balance test.

Choose Precision Door Service of Long Beach

When you need Long Beach garage door repair or garage door installation, we are there the same day you call. Emergency service is available 24/7, and we offer an extensive selection of garage door parts and accessories including hardware, openers, and remotes (and fully stock our trucks), so all your repair and installation needs are met—quickly.

A lifetime warranty comes with each garage door installation. To ensure consistency and customer satisfaction, we apply the same garage door repair process every time, which includes:

  • A detailed written estimate
  • Job completion and walk-through
  • An industry best warranty

Our technicians are dispatched to your local area. Whether you need a repair or require garage door installation in Long Beach, contact us online or give us a call today.

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