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Garage door springs bear the weight of the door. Each one endures a great deal of tension every time the garage door is operated. It’s therefore important to stay on top of maintenance, as a broken spring can damage your garage door or cause serious injury. Call Precision Garage Door if you think there is a problem, or you have a broken garage door spring.

Our Long Beach garage door technicians are extensively trained, and we offer same-day and 24/7 emergency service to repair or replace:

Extension Springs

Extension springs attach to the bottom corners of the door and to cables. The springs are stretched when the door is in a closed position. Energy is stored, which is used to lift the door when you activate the garage door opener. Extension springs are generally smaller than torsion springs and work by expanding and contracting with each cycle. Smaller garage doors may have only one spring, increasing the demand and the potential for complete failure should the spring break.

Torsion Springs

A garage door torsion spring winds up when the door closes. It unwinds to release energy to help lift the door. Usually mounted horizontally, above the garage door, a torsion spring is wound/unwound by a cable attached to the bottom corner of the door. The motion of a torsion spring is generally more controlled than with an extension spring. Less wear and tear can mean a longer operating life; plus, when a torsion spring snaps, it usually stays attached rather than fly off.

Garage Door Spring Function & Safety

The lifespan of garage door springs is limited. The steel eventually wears out and you’ll eventually require garage door spring replacement. Most basic springs have a 10,000-cycle service life, while heavy-duty springs may last for as much as 100,000 cycles. A standard spring can last for 5 to 7 years. The more you use your garage door, the sooner you may need garage door spring repair in Long Beach—just two times of use per day can yield 14 years of service, but with up to eight cycles per day, the spring may last just 3 years.

Each spring is associated with winding brackets, lifting cables, winding drums, and other parts. Attempt an adjustment, repair, or replacement only if you are properly trained and equipped. Fixing a garage door spring can otherwise cause more damage or a serious personal injury. You also don’t want to continue operating a garage door with a broken garage door spring, which can lead to further damage/injuries and require extensive repairs to the door and the opener system.

Therefore, it is best to call someone who has provided Long Beach garage door spring replacement for a long time, and can perform service quickly and safely.

Signs Your Garage Door Spring Needs Repair or Replacement:

The most obvious sign is if the spring looks broken or there are irregularities in the coil. With extension springs, look for gaps in the coil, which mean the steel has given out and the spring is unable to produce enough tension. Also, the garage door may seem misaligned with one side lower than the other. Check the spring, clips, and loops for signs of wear as well.

A torsion spring can be tested by raising the door manually. First, disengage the garage door opener, and then raise the panel; it should stay up on its own. Also, raise the door mid-way. It should stay in position, but if you feel the weight of the door, a spring may be in danger of breaking. Contact our Long Beach garage door spring repair technicians if the door seems too light. In that case, the springs may be improperly sized.

Why Call Precision Door Service: The Trusted Long Beach Garage Door Spring Repair Technicians

Our technicians are extensively trained. A great reputation isn’t the only reason to count on us for garage door spring replacement. Precision Door Service is preferred by Long Beach homeowners because of our:

Same-Day/Emergency Service

We are available 24/7, so can be reached day or night in an emergency. You do not have to wait for urgent repairs or risk safety issues; we have a full team dispatched to Long Beach.

Garage Door Maintenance Program

Our 5-star, 25-point maintenance program ensures garage doors operate safely and efficiently. We inspect all springs, cables, pulleys, and rollers and lubricate all parts. A door balance test is also performed to determine whether adjustments or repairs are needed.

We Carry All Types of Garage Door Parts

Whether you need garage door torsion or extension springs, openers, cables/rollers, panels, tracks, or weather sealing, our team is fully equipped and prepared to service any part of your Long Beach garage door system upon arrival.

Easy Garage Door Installation & Repair Process

Our 3-step process ensures each customer receives the highest quality service. We start with a detailed, signed written estimate and, when we’re finished, walk you through to explain what we’ve done, so we have your confidence. Finally, our industry best warranty and 24-hour call back policy back our work every time.

Precision Door Service is the best when it comes to Long Beach garage door spring repair and replacement. Learn more or schedule service by contacting us online or calling today!

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