garage door installers at work

How Are Garage Door Installers Trained?

Although the garage door seems simple enough, the fact is that it takes a lot of knowledge to install one. Installing components the wrong way can cause the entire door to suddenly collapse and cause damage or injury to those below. However, it is this interesting aspect of being garage door installers that lead many to pursue it as a career. Therefore, the following includes a list of things to keep in mind regarding training to become an installer.

Garage Door Installers Need Prior Experience

If you want to install garage doors, you will need to have some previous experience on your resume. Some of that experience could include working in a construction area or even alongside another garage door technician. This is often due to the high level of importance of hands-on experience when it comes to installing doors.

Accreditation and Certification

One of the most shocking parts of training to be an installer is the fact that you have to be accredited and certified in the field. The International Door Association (IDA) provides these certifications and can be obtained by taking a six-part course and an end-of-course exam. Even after you’ve completed the course, many state and local governments will also require business insurance. You may speak with a Long Beach garage door repair company to see how a professional company handles its business insurance requirements.

Physical Abilities

Installing a garage door can take a physical toll on the body. Large components and a heavy door, thus, require installers to have the ability to carry at least 65 pounds or more to be accepted into these types of positions.