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Man plugging his car into a charge station in his garage

Electric Vehicle Charge Stations for Your Garage

Over the years, electric cars have become much more affordable to the average consumer. However, although more people are purchasing these types of cars, the education and installation of charging stations has not increased along with it. Therefore, when owners bring their electric cars home, they often have issues with choosing a charge station to purchase and install. Here are the types of charge station levels you need to keep in mind.

Level 1 Charge Stations

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable to install are level 1 charge stations. These use a standard 110-volt outlet to charge your electric vehicle. Easy installation and affordability do come with a price. Because most electric vehicles use a large battery within them, level 1 charging is going to be extremely slow. In fact, if you have a Tesla vehicle, it may even take days to charge fully. Some of the other cars that won’t match well with this type of level include the Chevrolet Bolt, Kia e-Niro, and the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Level 2 Stations

If you’re looking for a much faster-charging station, then level 2 is a good option. Level 2 stations are at 32 amps and can provide an average of 25 miles per charging hour. Teslas at zero can take about 14 hours to fully charge. Note that because most level 2 charging stations use aftermarket parts, you may need the assistance of a garage door installation Long Beach company to ensure a proper installation. Because most people don’t drive over 200 miles per day, this is the ideal charging station level that you want within your garage.