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a home with a garage skylight

What to Know About Garage Skylights

If you are planning a new garage door installation in Long Beach, adding a skylight in the garage will increase the value of your home. It can be as simple as a sheet of plastic acrylic screwed into place instead of the regular roof sheeting, or it can be a high-end skylight made of reinforced glass that can withstand severe weather. There also are garage skylights that open and close, which is nice for garages that may not have another source of natural light.

The Possible Pros

Skylights provide a much better light source than electric light because they are clear and don’t flicker or make noise. Having one in the garage may cut electricity use by 10 percent. A skylight keeps the garage lit throughout the day, which may prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Toxins from these pathogens can foul the indoor air and start to grow on any stored clothing or other objects. A certain amount of exposure to sunlight is needed for one’s health as it provides vitamin D, lowers blood pressure and reduces eye strain. A skylight also adds value to your home.

The Potential Cons

Some homeowners don’t like skylights because they are afraid they will leak and be difficult to clean. If it is installed properly, maintained and caulked regularly, a skylight will not leak.

During hot weather, skylights may permit too much sunlight to enter and heat the inside of the garage. This problem is easily solved by covering the skylight at certain times. The reverse is true during the winter as a skylight may let out heat. Again, it can be covered to prevent this.

The Three Main Types of Garage Skylights

You may choose to have one or more skylights in your garage. The three types are ventilated, fixed and tubular lights. The round tubular skylights are smaller but are usually placed in dark corners, such as pantries, closets and garages.

Skylights are a useful addition to a home, including the garage, and come in a variety of sizes.