New Garage Door Installation in Long Beach

Precision Door Service provides new garage door installations in Long Beach & the surrounding areas. No matter how big or small the project, we offer the same superior service, quality of parts and materials, and quality of workmanship. We also have a large inventory of garage doors to choose from. Homeowners throughout Long Beach have installed our steel, carriage style, carriage w/Thermo Tech, wood, aluminum, and glass garage doors.

When you need a new garage door for your Long Beach residence, you can depend on Precision Door Service for prompt and reliable service. We are available for same-day service as well. Our technicians are extensively trained at our own state-of-the-art training facilities. In addition, each garage door installation comes with a lifetime warranty that includes labor, defects in workmanship, and repairs.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door Installation

An issue with your garage door can be inconvenient and a major safety hazard. It can also affect property value and curb appeal. Most garage door problems are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Here are some signs you may need a new garage door:

Noise: Clanking, banging, grinding, and whirring are some noises you might hear. All garage doors make some noise, but these are some that warrant a professional inspection. Also consider a replacement if the door is shaky. Repairing the garage door is often an option, but a garage door replacement can be more financially practical when you consider the potential for ongoing repair and impacts on property value.

Outdated Door: Home buyers may be hesitant if your garage door looks old. It may have an outdated design that doesn’t match the times or the rest of your home. The door just might look less appealing than newer models. Also consider what today’s buyers look for, including safety features such as infrared sensors, and other modern technological features like remote operation and smartphone control.

Damage: If the garage door is cracked or sagging, water is getting through the sides or from under the door, or the base is uneven, replacement may be the best course of action. Minor dents and scratches can be fixed. If there are many of these and additional damage, aesthetics, efficiency, and safety are issues to strongly consider in your decision to replace the system.

Difficulty Opening/Closing: All garage door components wear out with time, causing the door to open or close more slowly, hesitate, or be jerky. A faulty opener or motor may cause delays in movement. Oftentimes when one part goes, others aren’t far behind, so a Long Beach garage door opener installation may be better accompanied by a complete garage door replacement to avoid further hassles in the near future.

Damaged Wood: A wood door that’s cracked, warped, or sagging should be replaced. If the material is rotted, splintered, or damaged, repainting won’t cover everything. The paint may quickly peel off too. Deterioration often occurs due to underlying issues that can’t be easily fixed. Replacing your Long Beach garage door affords the advantages of a new design and new materials that can last with proper maintenance.

High Energy Bill: Older garage doors tend to use more power when you open and close them. Also, poor insulation may be causing heated or cooled air to leak from your house, dragging up your energy bills as your HVAC system tries to keep up. Replacing your garage door can therefore save you money in more ways than one.

New Garage Door Options for Long Beach Residents

If you notice any of the issues above or anything else affecting your garage door’s appearance, function, or safety, contact Precision Door Service right away. Numerous options are available for Long Beach residents, including:

Steel Garage Doors

We offer several different designs, including the Model 9100-9605 Steel Garage Door Ranch Brown and Sonoma Ranch Taupe Clear IV with polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation for efficiency. Other options include the CS Series Steel Recessed Panel Design. Our Classic Steel doors are available in short- or long-panel designs, in different colors, and with window options.

Carriage Style Garage Doors

Steel varieties such as the Model 6600 are available; in all there are 11 different carriage house designs, each with polyurethane insulation, quiet operation, high R-values, and an ability to block street noise. Also choose from the American Series steel doors with custom wood moldings, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Carriage w/Thermo Tech Garage Doors

Therma Tech’s™ insulated raised panel steel doors include four products—Therma Tech™ (R9), Therma Tech II™ (R10.4), Therma Max™ (R12), and Tri Tech™(R16). These are all available with a smooth wood grain face, standard raised panels, longer raised panels, or as full carriage style doors. Standard colors include Bright White, Sandstone, Almond, and Brown.

Wood Garage Doors

Our 7100 Series comes with nine panel designs, while custom wood garage doors are available with arched designs and custom staining. Numerous carved designs are featured in the 300 Series, which has a durable design, weathertight connections, and rust-resistant steel tracks and hardware. The handcrafted CW Series offers unmatched quality and precision and is available in Cedar, Fir, and American Mahogany finishes.

Garage doors come in many different styles. There are single bay or double carriage style, classic, contemporary, traditional, and craftsman doors, plus a range of materials. If you’re going with a carriage type door, there are swing-out openers. Some people choose arched garage door designs and/or doors with windows, which can be integrated in various configurations. All-window door with aluminum frames are available as well. These are just some styles and options you may come across when selecting a new garage door.

Garage Door Opener Installation

In addition to Long Beach new garage door installation, we can also provide a new garage door opener that’s programmed to work as soon as it’s installed. Options include Wi-Fi garage door openers that can be used with smart devices and iOS/Android apps. We also offer a model with variable speed operation, a deluxe wall station, and long-range remote control. Working with top manufacturers, we offer many different replacement options.

Precision Door Service: We’re Here to Meet All Your Long Beach Garage Door Installation Needs

Backed by a nationally renowned company and professionally trained, field tested technicians, we can provide Long Beach customers with all types of garage door services. Whether you need new garage door installation or a quick fix, we offer same-day service and are available 24/7 to provide emergency repairs.

An extensive range of garage door types and styles is available, as is a large inventory of hardware, remotes, and openers.

Customers also entrust us because of our simple garage door installation process:

  • Estimate: Written and signed, our estimate fully explains the work to be done before we start a job, in plain language you can understand.
  • Completion: Every job is followed by a complete walk-through, so you see exactly what we fixed and can be confident in our service.
  • Warranty: We offer the best warranty in the industry, which covers labor, parts, and repairs, and hold up to our 24-hour call back policy.

Contact our support team online or call today if you require garage door services in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. Feel free to ask about our garage door options and special offers as well.

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