3 Styles of Garage Doors to Match With Your Victorian Home

If you own your own home, it’s natural that you’d want it to look its best. However, your vision of the perfect home can often be compromised by one unsuspecting element – your garage doors. Many people don’t even realize you have options when it comes to garage door styles, leaving the front of their home looking ruddy and unappealing. Let’s fix that by going over three styles of garage doors to match with your Victorian home.


Carriage doors are a stylish type of door that attempt to mimic the look of the doors used on old carriage houses. One of their most unique features is that, unlike most garage doors that fold upwards, many of these styles will open outwards like the doors they’re themed after. This makes them an easy way to make your home feel all the more unique and interesting. Providing a rustic charm while still having the modern convenience of machine opening, your garage door appearance can easily be classed up like this.


Raised-panel garage doors are probably the standard. They’re what most think of when they hear of garage doors, square in shape and folding up into the ceiling when activated. Typically, they fit well with most homes without too many bells and whistles, the added bonus being that this is the type of door most Long beach garage door repair services are used to working with, making repairs a breeze if and when damage happens.

Contemporary Slab

The contemporary slab is, as the name suggests, quite the modern design. Styled like one large continuous slab of door, they’re a staple of home improvements for their ability to really jazz up the end appearance of a Victorian home. They come in a ton of different colors and materials, adding to their customization potential and lending an air of adaptability to your whole home’s aesthetic.