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Tips for Building a She-Shed or Man Cave Garage

In these strange times, you’ve most likely been spending a lot of time right at home, so perhaps you’ve begun to notice just how small your house is and have been dreaming of ways you can get a little time for yourself away from your spouse or your kids. Turning your garage into a hangout space can be a fun project. Below are some helpful tips for building a she-shed or a man cave in your garage.

Make Sure the Garage is in Good Repair

The first thing you want to do when building a she-shed or man cave is to make sure the space is safe and functional. You’ll want to clean out the space and get rid of any old belongings you don’t want anymore. You’ll also want to make sure your garage door is in proper working order. You may want to schedule maintenance or a garage door repair with a Long Beach company to make sure your door serves as a good entrance to the space. It can also help to install insulation in the door and walls to make sure your she-shed or man cave is comfortable.

Consider Electronics When Building a She-Shed or Man Cave

If you’re going to spend a lot of time in your space, make sure to have a plan for powering your electronics, like a TV or game console. Air conditioning units can also help keep it cool during the warmer months. You’ll also want to install enough lighting to enjoy the space, as garages usually don’t have windows.

Decorate Your Space

Once your garage is ready, it’s time to add your own personal touches. A few coats of paint can brighten it up and make it feel relaxing or fun. A rug can make the space more comfortable, and quality furniture can make a big difference when building a she-shed or man cave.