Here Are Your Long Beach Garage Door Insulation Options

When choosing a new garage door in Long Beach, don’t forget about the insulation! While it rarely gets excessively cold in this city, it is possible to have higher-than-anticipated utility costs if there isn’t a sufficient barrier between what’s on the outside of your garage door and what’s behind it. Fortunately, there are many insulation choices for your consideration. Here are the more common ones.

Your Main Long Beach Garage Door Insulation Options: Fiberglass or Foam Panels

One way to get added insulation is with panel kits designed to fit snugly inside your door’s frame. With panels, you’ll have two primary insulation choices: fiberglass and foam. Fiberglass panels are appealing because they also offer protection against water and mold. Polystyrene foam panels tend to be better for metal doors. Both of these options with insulation for garage doors have good R-values, which means you’ll benefit from reduced air transfer.

Reflective Foil

Another option with Long Beach garage door insulation is reflective foil. This type of new garage door insulation also comes in a kit. With single foil insulation, you’ll have polyethylene foam between the foil layers. Double foil insulation will give you an added layer of foil between the foam. However, while reflective foil will give you added insulation protection, it may not be as visually appealing when your garage door opens.

Garage Door Materials With Added Insulating Qualities

If you have concerns about aesthetics, you can also enjoy added protection against the elements and air transfer with a Long Beach garage door installation that includes wood panels or rigid panels with a vinyl back. Wood, in particular, is an excellent natural insulator. Regardless of which option with insulation for garage doors is right for you, take comfort in knowing added insulation can contribute to lower energy costs, increased door strength, quieter operation, and a more comfortable garage and home.