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Long Beach Garages: Garage Door Parts Replacement Costs

If the door to one of your Long Beach garages is not working well, probably, some of the door parts are damaged. Maybe the locks and springs are damaged, or the door opener is old. Regardless of which part is damaged, you need to estimate the costs associated with replacing the damaged parts before deciding whether only to replace the damaged door part or the entire garage door. The amount of money you will pay for such replacements will depend on the damaged garage door part and the amount of work involved. The amount of time a professional will take to do the replacement will also play a part in determining the overall costs. Here are details on repairs on garage doors in Long Beach and the costs associated with replacing different garage door parts.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door Panel?

Most of the doors on Long Beach garages have panels made from metals or wood. These important garage door components may show signs of damage due to everyday wear and tear. In such a case, you should replace them instead of carrying out a garage door installation project.

Replacing your garage door panel will involve replacing a large part of your garage door. Therefore, it will likely cost more than any other garage door repair project. A new garage door panel will probably cost you around $150 to $,1500 depending on its size and the material it is made from. On top of this, you will have to pay your repairman around $240 to $900 for the work done. For instance, if you intend to replace a 9-foot panel, your repairman will probably charge around $240. However, if you will need to replace a 16-foot panel, you will pay your repairman around $500.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door Opener in Long Beach?

You will not be able to close and open the doors to your Long Beach garages if the doors do not have openers. However, this does not mean the opener will last as long as the garage door. It will probably stop working properly after 10 to 15 years. Your opener’s lifespan will probably be less than this if you fail to keep up with maintenance.

If your garage door opener stops working as a result of damage, you should replace it. The amount of money that you will spend on that replacement project will depend on your type of garage door opener. However, expect to spend around $200 to $350.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Rollers on Long Beach Garages?

You should replace your plastic garage door rollers after five to seven years. If the rollers are made from steel, you should replace them after 10 to 15 years. Nylon ones should be replaced after 12 to 20 years. You should also replace your garage door rollers if some of their seals are broken or if they produce squeaking or grinding sounds when you open your garage door.

How much will it cost to replace a roller? You will spend around $85 to $175 on this project. The costs will vary depending on the kind of rollers that you want and your repairman’s hourly rates.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace a Garage Door Track?

Your garage door tracks are some of the essential parts of your garage door. They are components that hold your garage door in place during operation. Your garage door will produce a lot of noise during operation if these components are not in good condition.

You should replace these components after noticing that they are dented or damaged. You will spend around $175 to $500 on this project.

How Much Will It Cost to Repair Your Garage Door Window?

Some garage doors do not have windows. However, most of the ones being sold nowadays have glass windows. The windows may get broken or cracked after an object hits them. If yours is broken, you should have it repaired to ensure that your garage door retains its curb appeal.

How much will you spend on such a project? It will depend on the size of your garage door window and the professional’s hourly rate. However, expect to buy a new garage door window for $15 to $50. Your repairman will take an hour to replace the broken window glasses. Hence, you will only pay $75 to $175 for labor. In short, replacing a garage door window is the most inexpensive garage door repair project.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Garage Door Springs?

Garage springs are the components that lift and close garage doors. You should replace these components if they are broken, look oblong, or after you notice that there is a slightly big gap in the springs. You should also replace them if they are older than 10 years. However, if you usually open and close your garage door at least twice daily, you should replace the springs after seven years.

Buying new sets of springs will cost you around $145 to $200. On top of this, you will have to pay whoever will replace them. This professional will probably charge you around $105 to $175 depending on his or her hourly rate and how long it will take to replace the springs.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Operator Reinforcement Bracket?

An operator reinforcement bracket connects a garage door opener to a garage door. This component distributes the stress exerted by the garage door throughout the entire door’s top panel. In short, when you have this component in place, your garage will less likely split along the panel.

If your garage door’s operator reinforcement bracket is damaged, you should buy a new one for around $5 to $40. Installing the bracket will probably cost you around $75 to $125, depending on your professional’s hourly rates. To spend the least money on this project, look for professionals who offer affordable services, such as repairmen from Precision Door of Long Beach. This company offers garage door repairs to the people living in Long Beach, CA and the surrounding areas.

A damaged garage door part can affect your garage door’s operation. That is why you need to replace any damaged garage door parts. The amount of money you will spend on such replacement projects will differ depending on the garage door part being replaced. For instance, you will spend as much as $400 on a garage-door-track replacement project and as little as $175 on a garage-door-bracket replacement project.