How to Know When to Repair or Replace Garage Door

While high quality garage doors should last anywhere from 10-30 years depending on the materials they’re made from, it’s possible for a garage door to become damaged for any number of reasons. At this point, you’ll be required to make a decision between repairing your existing garage door or replacing it completely with a new one.

Problems That Can Be Fixed

There are some garage door problems that can be easily repaired without requiring you to spend a substantial sum of money. For instance, if the garage door has suddenly stopped working, it’s possible that the remote batteries simply need to be replaced. If the door is opening slower than it usually does, this could be a sign that the door springs have started to lessen in quality and become worn down, which would only require you to replace the springs. If a single panel on the door has become dented or damaged in some way, a single panel replacement would cost much less than buying a new door altogether.

Signs That a Replacement Is Necessary

If your door has been opening slowly or incorrectly for a lengthy period of time before you’ve attempted to correct the issue, it’s likely that numerous components within the door have lessened in quality and have become worn down. In this case, repairing all of these components might require you to put too much money into a door that would need to be replaced soon regardless. It’s also possible that your door is just too old for you to sink more money into it. If your door hasn’t been replaced in 15 years, it’s likely time to do so.

Factors That Affect Costs of Garage Door Replacement

The total cost of replacing a garage door depends on the materials that are used, the features that are outfitted within the door, and the labor involved in the installation, which means that the costs can quickly add up. If you feel as though the costs of purchasing a new garage door would be much higher than repair costs, make sure that you select a reputable Long Beach garage door repair company to provide your door with the necessary fixes.