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Should Hardware Replacement Come With a Garage Door?

If you’re thinking of changing your garage door, then you might have some questions regarding the rest of the hardware. You might be thinking, if a new garage door is warranted, should hardware replacement also be on the to-do list? To clarify this question, the following includes a few things to keeping mind when determining if you should also replace your hardware.

Damages and Hardware Replacement

Perhaps the most common reason why homeowners decide to change their garage door is due to damages. These could have happened after a strong windstorm, car accident, or simply normal wear and tear. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that these damages have not also caused damage to the garage door hardware. Strong impacts on the garage door could have damaged the tracking system to which it’s connected too. This would no doubt warrant a hardware replacement in terms of its tracking system. You also want to make sure that other areas aren’t damaged, such as the torsion/extension springs above/side the door.

Garage Door Motor

If you’re thinking of getting a heavier door such as metal or wood, then you must think of the type of garage door motor you have. If your door motor only contains the horsepower to lift light material such as fiberglass doors, then a change of hardware is in order. A heavy door and a low-power motor are not a good match and can potentially be a safety risk to not only your car but your family as well. If you’re not too sure how much horsepower you’re going to need, then it is highly recommended to call a garage door installation Long Beach company to ensure that the proper motor is purchased.