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What Makes a Garage Door Style a Classic?

Many homeowners want to capture the timeless appeal of certain garage door designs by using their traditional lines, colors and materials to accentuate the façade of their homes. Here are a few important elements that make a garage door style a classic.


Traditional, carriage and raised-panel garage door designs are three of the most classic garage door styles, each with their own unique characteristics. The repeating square pattern on a garage door without, or more commonly, with accent windows is considered timeless due to its simple design. Alternatively, carriage and traditional-style garage doors are designed in the European style with and without contrasting hardware that gives the illusion of two separate doors.


Wood is by far the most classic material when it comes to garage door styles, followed by aluminum and fiberglass. The warm nature of wood’s earthy composition makes it a quintessential medium for creating a variety of looks from rustic Mediterranean to cozy French Country. Aluminum and fiberglass door styles can be used for carriage and traditional garage doors but are generally associated with the clean, crisp appearance of raised-panel garage doors.

Garage Door Style and Shape

The shape of certain garage doors is another key factor for what makes a style classic. Carriage and traditional doors are arched at their apex with accent windows in a variety of shapes and patterns, such as Williamsburg, Stockton and Cascade. The curves and side-by-side structure of these doors represents architectural beauty from the different eras of colonial times and Old West with Ranch and American Prairie styles.


The vibrant colors of red, blue, green, yellow and white are also associated with classic garage door styles inspired by their location within the country, historical time period and nod to international design. With garage door repairs in Long Beach, you can enhance the look of your home by incorporating some of these classic garage door styles.