Three Design Elements That Creates a Contemporary Garage Door Look

If you’re considering getting a garage door repair in Long Beach, this would be a good time to upgrade your current garage door look to a sleeker, more modern look. Natural materials, bold colors, and minimal decorative elements can really make your garage door stand out from normal, traditional doors. Here are three design elements that create a contemporary garage door look.

A Minimalist Approach

Contemporary design is all about clean lines, minimal embellishments, and single, bold colors. For a modern look, you’ll want to choose simple panels. Don’t think basic – there’s nothing basic about a minimalist look. You can still choose high-quality, beautiful panels. You just want to avoid trim panels.

Bold Colors Make a Contemporary Garage Door

Colors can really make or break a modern look. Bold, single colors paired with clean lines are the heart of contemporary style. You can use more than one color, but make sure one of them is a subdued color so that the bold color can stand out.

Natural Material

Wood, metal, and glass are three materials used in contemporary garage doors, but wood is more popular and can give you more options. However, aluminum can come in nice, bold colors and glass can have beautiful etched designs to add a little pop to a minimalist approach. It’s great if you’re considering a garage door repair because you can easily switch over to whichever material you want without any extra hassle. No matter which one you choose, all three of these materials are great to use for a contemporary-looking garage door.