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Why Mix Garage Door Repair With a Routine Maintenance Visit?

From the garage door opener to the tracks and rollers, many parts need to work well for a garage door in Long Beach, CA, to do its job effectively. And while garage doors can last for many years, or even decades, it’s important to be diligent about routine maintenance. Unfortunately, this task often comes last on to-do lists. This is why you may want to consider combining your next garage door repair service call with a maintenance visit. We go over the top reasons to do this below.

Garage Door Repair + Maintenance Visit = Fixing Minor Issues Early

When a service technician comes out to perform a garage door repair, he or she typically comes prepared with an assortment of tools and a truck stocked with common parts. This means it’s often not too much extra effort o also take care of other issues spotted when making repairs. However, because a service tech is likely to be there primarily to make repairs, it’s best to let this person know before he or she gets started that you would appreciate him or her also checking other key parts and components. It’s also helpful to let the technician know this ahead of time when you reach out to set up an appointment. This allows him or her to set aside enough time to do a proper maintenance check.

One of the top perks of having garage door repairs done at the same time a maintenance check is performed is spotting potential issues sooner rather than later. For instance, if the repair involves fixing cables and pulleys on a spring-operated garage door, a technician may notice that some of the hardware also needs to be tightened. Getting this taken care of can reduce door wobbles, excess noise during operation and other potential problems. Taking care of minor issues early, especially when caught during a standard maintenance check, saves you time and money.

Avoiding the Need for Premature Garage Door Replacement

The general recommendation with garage door maintenance is to have a professional inspection done at least twice a year. Have on performed in the spring and another just before the cooler months arrive later. Realistically, however, many homeowners, as mentioned above, aren’t all that mindful of these recommendations. By combining a maintenance visit with a garage door repair, you’ll boost the odds of getting the maximum useful lifespan out of your garage door. This also means more savings potential for you!

Even if a technician only finds a few minor things to adjust or a part or two requiring replacement, little fixes make a big difference. It’s often an accumulation of little things here and there that shortens the lifespan of a garage door over time.

On the other end of things, a garage door technician may notice signs suggesting it’s time to consider a replacement. This doesn’t automatically mean you’ll need to schedule a new garage door installation after getting your door repaired. However, the technician can give you some important information about what’s available. Newer garage doors may offer significant advancements over your existing door.

Issues observed during a maintenance check that could be reason enough to consider a new garage door include:

• Panels lacking insulation
• A garage door opener that’s no longer operating efficiently even after being repaired
• Widespread signs of rot and similar damage
• A garage door that’s not too secure even after repairs are made
• A design that’s out of date or requires increasingly frequent and costly repairs

Gaining Some Extra Peace of Mind

Scheduling a maintenance visit at the same time as garage door repairs eliminates a bunch of other stuff to deal with on top of the repairs. It’s entirely possible that a trained technician may find that everything else related to your garage door is just fine. Also, if the technician finds other issues, he or she won’t perform extra work without your consent.

The nature of a garage door repair service call can vary depending on what the problem is that had you calling for service. Common issues include a garage door that’s not fully opening or closing, misalignment of the door, a keypad that’s not working and garage door opener issues.

As for what to expect with the routine maintenance part of the visit, it’s common for service technicians to:

• Examine the rollers and tracks
• Tighten hardware
• Apply lubrication to prevent excess friction
• Test the door’s auto-reverse feature
• Check the weather stripping and replace it if necessary
• Check the cables
• Inspect the tracks for signs of rust or other issues
• Check how the opener is functioning
• Test the remote to make sure it’s functioning as expected

At the very least, you’ll gain some extra peace of mind by scheduling a routine maintenance check during any repair work. Plus, the technician will provide documentation of the inspection results, which could come in handy when it’s time to renew your homeowner insurance policy. Such information could also make your home more appealing to potential buyers if you end up selling it later.