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Common Problems With Garage Door Transmitters

When you press the transmitter button, you expect to see the garage door open so you can drive in and be home. If this doesn’t happen, there are a few obvious reasons and some not so obvious. If you can’t identify the reason, or if you need help, you should get a Long Beach garage door repair company to examine all features of the door to find the problem.

Common Reasons Garage Door Transmitters Stop Working

The first and most obvious reason is dead batteries in the remote control in your car. Always check the obvious first as it may save you lots of frustration. Without power, the transmitter won’t send the signal to trigger the opener to turn on. If the motor works when you start it manually inside the garage, then the problem is usually dead batteries. If you have several remotes in different cars or other places, you should check their batteries at the same time.

Another obvious reason is the distance from your door. If you try to open your door from too far away, it won’t work. If you are within the proper range and it still doesn’t work, you can check if the antenna is obstructed in your garage. Also, the transmitter won’t work if the motor isn’t plugged in properly.

Not-So-Common Reasons Transmitters Stop Working

The photo eye may be out of alignment or dirty. This feature is in all automatic garage doors since 1993. It stops the door from closing and hurting a child or pet or damaging property. If your door opens fine but won’t close, these beams may not be connecting because:

• You could have a wasp nest or other insect debris on the receiver.

• A circuit or fuse may have burned out.

• Boxes, clothing or sports equipment could have fallen in front of the receiver.

If your Garage Door Doesn’t Open, It May Not Be the Transmitter

You may not think that the springs, rollers or tracks are the reason your door doesn’t open when you press the button on the transmitter. If the transmitter has fresh batteries and the receiver is clear, you may need to examine other options.