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What You Should Expect During Your Garage Door Tune-Up

When getting your garage door tuned up, it’s important to know what to expect. Having a professional technician come out to check up on your garage door every six months is the best way to prevent the need for a future replacement. Here are a few things you should expect during your garage door tune-up.

Professional Screening

During a professional screening, your garage door tech should check to make sure all of the hinges, springs and screws are free from damage. Hardware that is corroded or is covered with rust is a sign that those parts need to be replaced. Some fixes, such as adjusting spring tension, can be dangerous but are easily taken care of by your professional technician during your garage door tune-up. Catching any issues early that may require outside assistance is the key to keeping your garage door running smoothly.

Garage Door Tests

Garage door tests are performed to check the balance of your garage door. The weight of your garage door should be balanced enough for the door to stay open halfway without assistance, but if your garage door is unable to stay open, then the springs will need to be adjusted by your technician. Making sure your garage door is properly balanced reduces the chances that potentially serious injuries may occur and prevents your garage door opener from being overworked.

Speedy Garage Door Tune-Up Repairs

If any minor problems are found while your technician is at your home, they can quickly repair them on the spot to prevent any further damage from occurring. Taking care of cracked rollers, worn out springs and cables and lubricating parts, if necessary, not only increases your garage door’s longevity, it keeps everyone in your family safer. Excellent garage door repair in Long Beach is there to help with all of your garage door’s safety and maintenance needs.