25-Point Garage Door Maintenance Program

Garage doors wear over time; the more wear that occurs, the more potential there is for damage and garage door failure. Precision Door Service of Long Beach employs trained, certified technicians who can provide all kinds of garage door maintenance. When properly maintained, a garage door can last for many years and your long-term safety can be guaranteed.

While customers depend on our 24/7 emergency and same-day repair services, our 5-Star Maintenance Program can help you avoid trouble entirely. Our annual maintenance plan considers every part of your garage door system. We start with a visual inspection of garage door tracks, openers, torsion springs, hinges, rollers, and pulleys, determining whether they’re working properly or any repairs or replacements are needed.

Our technicians can lubricate your garage door parts as well. Lubrication helps everything work smoothly and reduces premature wear. Applying a silicone-based spray effectively achieves this. Lastly, we conduct a door balance test. If there’s too much resistance, we will decide whether to make adjustments or repair/replace faulty parts.

Can I Maintain My Garage Door Myself?

Our Long Beach garage door repair professionals are here to address any problem and provide complete maintenance. However, there are problems you can check for. If a pulley is damaged, a cable is frayed, or weather sealing has degraded, it should be visible if you look in the right places. By listening to the door as it operates, various sounds can tell you if something needs to be lubricated or possibly replaced.

You can even do a door balance test. With the door closed, pull the red emergency cord and lift the garage door halfway. If when you release it, the door moves on its own, there may be a cable or spring problem. Call a technician whether it continues moving up or falls back down. If the door stays in place, it is properly balanced.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance 

When our technicians visit for a maintenance call, repairs and replacements aren’t always needed. We can complete many different tasks. As our technicians inspect the system, they can lubricate cables, pulleys, and rollers and tighten chains, belts, as well as nuts and bolts where needed. Our team can adjust springs, tweak the garage door opener, and lubricate the drive mechanism as well.

We’ll also check the weather seal, making the appropriate repairs and replacements when necessary, and inspect limit switches and adjust them to the proper settings. The infrared sensor is an important part of your garage door. If it’s not working, the door might not function properly and put children and pets at risk. Fortunately, we can test it to verify it’s working or you need a repair.

Reasons Not to Skip Maintenance

Safety: A broken garage door can hurt you. Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured by garage doors that fail. Many heavy parts make up a garage door. High-tension cables and springs can become extremely dangerous hazards when they break, but periodic inspections can spot trouble well before that and our technicians can fix the problem before it escalates.

Security: There are many failure points with a garage door. A broken door is just one. Bad springs, rollers, or a garage door opener can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins. The garage door security system is a major defense. If it fails, intruders may find a way in; after all, thieves love residential garages because they are stocked full of expensive equipment.

Curb Appeal: Your garage door has a major effect on the aesthetic value of your home. Chipped paint, splintered wood, dents, dings, scratches, and other types of wear and tear may not just reduce the visual and functional quality of your garage door, but the overall value of your home.

Cost: Maintenance is typically inexpensive, as is replacing basic parts. But if you wait a long time, worn parts can become significantly damaged and put greater strain on the rest of the system. Prematurely wear can mean replacing more components and perhaps everything, significantly increasing repair costs.

Garage Door Services We Offer

Precision Door Service provides many different types of maintenance and repair in Long Beach, Our team is experienced working with heavy-duty torsion and extensions springs; replacing them quickly, we not only restore function, but also eliminate safety concerns with broken springs or homeowners attempting DIY repairs.

Broken chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct drive, and jack shaft garage door openers can be repaired, but we’ll also replace your drive with the most current models to improve reliability and efficiency. We fix and replace damaged panels, while cables and rollers that naturally wear after a while can be quickly replaced so your garage door works normally again. Sometimes we only need to adjust and lubricate rollers or bent/misaligned tracks. If a standard, vertical, or high lift track needs replacement, we can install new tracks quickly, so your garage door works reliably once again.

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You simply can’t afford to skimp on garage door maintenance. Our technicians specialize in all types of garage door maintenance in Long Beach.We are available for same-day service and can answer an emergency call 24/7. Additionally, our three-step process for garage door repair applies every time; it consists of:

An accurate written estimate, signed by our garage door repair technician.

Project completion with a thorough walk-through to garner confidence in our service.

The best warranty in the industry, and our 24-hour callback policy.

We service all types of garage doors, and can quickly and safely fix/replace any garage door part or accessory. Customers also have the opportunity to save with various discounts and special offers. For additional information, continue browsing our website, and feel free to check our reviews and before and after photos as well. Contact us by phone, email, or via online form to schedule a consultation or service call in Long Beach.

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