The Dangers of Damaged Garage Door Springs

If you want your garage door to last for many years, you should try to keep it in good condition. Many homeowners will put off repairing their garage door for a few weeks or months because it still works or because they don’t use the door that often. The problem with this approach is that some of the components within the garage door can actually become dangerous if they are damaged, which includes the springs inside the door. If ever you notice that the springs in your door are damaged or broken, they should be fixed immediately.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

Whether your door is outfitted with extension springs or torsion springs, a damaged or broken spring must be tended to right away. If you don’t have these springs repaired or replaced quickly, you run the risk of the heavy springs uncoiling and striking something in the garage. It’s also possible for the springs to collapse entirely and cause the garage door to stop functioning, which could be problematic if your car is under the door at the time.

How to Keep Door Springs in Good Condition

If you want to keep your garage door spring in good condition, it’s important that the springs and the rest of the door are regularly maintained. By obtaining maintenance services for your garage door every six months to a year, you’ll avoid very costly repairs and will be able to identify serious problems with the springs before they cause additional damage.

What to Consider When Replacing Springs

When you’re thinking about replacing the springs in your garage door, your main consideration should be on whether to replace one spring or both of them. If a full replacement is necessary, it’s highly recommended that you replace both springs even if only one is damaged. Doing so will allow you to avoid having to replace the other soon after the first was replaced. If you believe that the springs in your garage door are still usable but you find that they aren’t working perfectly, make sure that you contact a qualified repair company to provide you with quality garage door repairs in Long Beach.