Ways Your Garage Door Is Affected in the Summer

The summer season is known as a time when there are heat waves and high temperatures, which can affect the quality of the materials installed on your residential property. The garage door is also prone to suffering from damage and wear, which makes it necessary to provide extra care and maintenance to the feature to prevent it from having a shorter lifespan. Here are a few ways your garage door may be affected during the summer months.

Damage to the Sensors

The garage door sensors can become damaged when they have contact with UV rays, which can often cause the door to open on its own and can make the house vulnerable to a break-in. Consider creating a few shades made from cardboard to protect the sensors during the day and block the direct sunlight.

Parts Become Stuck

Garage doors can often become stuck on humid days due to the excess moisture that is present in the air. Humidity can cause all of the parts to become stuck, which can prevent the door from operating smoothly. If the problem persists, it can cause the parts to break down and malfunction, and may require garage door installation in Long Beach. Although you may not be able to avoid humid days during the summer, you can protect the garage door parts by applying lubricant liberally at least once each month on the track, springs, and rollers.

A Faded Door

As the sun beats down on the garage door, it can cause the product to begin to fade over time, which can affect your home’s curb appeal and will make the feature look older. You can restore and maintain the look of the door by applying a coat of paint or stain at least once each year to prevent it from looking worn down and faded. Fortunately, this will not affect how well your garage door operates throughout the season.