Long Beach Garages

5 Ways to Improve Security for Long Beach Garages

Your front, back and patio entry doors may be very secure, but have you given any thought to how to keep Long Beach garages secure? A simple inside lock will not be strong enough to keep out a determined burglar.

According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspections (NACHI), 9% of thieves break into a house through the garage door. Once they are in the garage, it’s easy to open the door to the house.

If you have a valuable motorcycle or mountain bike in your garage, that’s all a burglar needs. You may also store other things there, such as toys or a refrigerator, some of the expensive items. If this is the case, and it’s easy to break into your garage, a burglar doesn’t even need to get into your house.

1. Start With a Smart Device to Secure Long Beach Garages

Today, you can monitor your garage door even from a distance. With hand locks, burglars can break open the door and even electronic locks can be hacked. However, a smart garage opener that is controlled by you on your smartphone will alert you if someone opens the garage door uninvited. You can immediately inform the police whether you are across town or the state.

Another security feature is a Wi-Fi-connected monitor. This also sends alerts to your phone even if you don’t have an electronic garage door opener. Attach this device to the door frame, and it will alert you when the door is opened or closed by hand.

2. Install Motion-Detecting Spotlights Over Your Garage Door

Good lighting is one of the best deterrents to trespassers and even animals. You may not want to have lights on all night around your house or over your garage door. The best solution is motion detector lights inside your garage and outside. These have sensors to turn on the lights when someone walks by.

They can be triggered by a stray dog or raccoon, but they will only discourage the animals from searching around your house. Burglars tend to avoid lights. So, if they are approaching your garage door and a bright light immediately shines on them, they will flee. Even if they know you aren’t home, the possibility of a neighbor or passing car seeing them is not worth the effort.

The shock effect is another deterrent for a burglar. They may have picked a dark house for a reason. When the bright lights shine on them, they get startled, and their anxiety may be enhanced. This could make them wonder if continuing is worth being caught or worse.

3. Add a Lock Outside and Inside the Garage Door

If you plan to leave your house for long periods, it’s wise to have a manual door lock on the outside and inside of the garage door that requires a key to open. These locks defeat the purpose of an automatic door opener. If you are gone for days or weeks at a time, however, this is extra protection you need.

4. Install a Strong Lock on the Door That Connects Your Garage to Your House

If your garage is connected to your house, most burglars want to break into your house and use the garage door as an easier entry point. If they can get close enough to your garage door to use a crowbar to break the lock, they can get inside. Once there, they need to get through the door to your house. This is where you should add an extra level of security.

The door may be locked with a common door lock that is very easy to break. It’s worth considering securing the interior door too with heavier indoor bolts or even smartphone or alarm protection. You can also add a wide-angle peephole, so you can see inside the garage without opening the door. If someone gets into your garage, they can steal your belongings. If they get into your house, though, your family’s safety is at risk.

5. Consider Installing Security Cameras

Installing a security camera at each entry to your house is one of the best deterrents for thieves. Even if they are successful in getting inside and stealing a TV, electronic device or jewelry, the police will be able to identify them.

Recording the action is just one function of security cameras. Today, they can be integrated into your smartphone, so you can see your garage when you are away. They can also be connected to alarm systems to alert the police of a break-in. These are silent alarms and the burglar has no idea the police are coming.

This type of security is so sophisticated, it can even identify a person loitering near your house or inform you if there is a suspicious object left near your garage door.

Simple Safety Measures

Two things you can do immediately are never leave your garage door open and never leave the remote in your car. An open garage door allows a thief who is scanning the neighborhood to see what items you have and if any of them are valuable.

You may leave it open during the day when you are gardening or working around your house, but this isn’t wise. You can install a timer that will automatically close the door at a pre-set time. With a timer, you can go out at night or go to bed and forget to close the door without worrying as it will close itself.

If a thief sees a garage door remote on the seat of your car, that’s all he needs to get inside. You can get a remote opener that fits on your keychain, so you can keep it with you at all times.

Finally, if your garage door has windows for natural light inside, thieves will have a good chance to see if you have anything worth stealing. They can see expensive power tools, a motorcycle or bike, and they can see if your cars are gone to know if you are not at home. It’s easy to stop this with frosted glass. You still get the light, but no one can see inside.

These precautions for Long Beach garage door safety are easy to do without costing much. Burglars are looking for easy entry, and if you make it even a little difficult, there is a good chance they won’t bother and move on.