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How to Seal the Doors on Long Beach Garages

Sealing the doors of Long Beach garages is probably one of the best ways to waterproof them and protect the property that is stored inside them. If you already had a garage door installation, you should consider having an extra layer of protection to guarantee the safety of the content. Properly sealing the door and closing any gaps will help keep any destructive elements away. You will also benefit from reduced costs of heating and cooling, helping you increase your energy savings. Sealing the door aids in reducing the wear and tear caused by friction experienced with the constant opening and closing of the garage doors. Below are a few tips on how to seal and waterproof the garage door.

Use a Long Beach Garage Door Bottom Seal

Also known as a door sweep, the garage door bottom seal is made of vinyl or rubber cut in a long strip. It is attached to your garage door’s bottom edge and functions by compressing whenever the door is closed. The compression helps seal the gap between the door and the floor, keeping the water out of the garage. If your Long Beach garage door is made of wood, it is recommended that you use an angle-edged seal installed using aluminum nails.

If the garage door is metallic, an aluminum channel installation can enable it to hold a U-shaped rubber gasket, also known as Astragal seal or T-style. The channel includes a small double track onto which the gasket slides during the installation process. This option is also workable with a wooden garage door after the installation of a metal gasket channel. One of the advantages of using these U-shaped gaskets is that they come in varying sizes. Therefore, you can use them to seal gaps for different garage door heights easily. The key disadvantage is that under extreme temperature and moisture changes, the seal will warp or shrink causing creating gaps.

Get a Professional Installation of a Threshold Seal

A threshold seal is an effective way of sealing garage doors in Long Beach. It is similar in function to the bottom seal. The key difference is that the bottom seal is attached to the door, and the threshold is attached to the floor. If you have a driveway that slopes towards the garage or a large gap below the door, the threshold seal is your best option for sealing the garage door. To ensure that the threshold seal works effectively, it is important that the insulation of your garage door is in perfect condition and not worn out.

Since the threshold is made of vinyl, it is much better than using a door seal. It also provides an easy way to conduct the installation using adhesive. The benefits of using the threshold seal are that it is airtight and helps conserve energy by preventing heat loss. This, of course, reduces your overall energy expenses. The main disadvantage you will experience with the threshold seal is that it prevents the water from going out of the garage. Washing or sweeping the garage may be quite cumbersome, making it inconvenient. If you need to install the threshold seal, ensure that you get professional services from Long Beach garage service technicians to ensure it lasts much longer.

Vinyl Doorstop Molding With Weather Stripping

Integrating the vinyl doorstop with weather stripping is an effective way to seal your garage door and waterproof it. The vinyl doorstop with the integrated weather stripping is fitted along the garage door’s sides. This stops the door from shifting after it has been installed. It is made of weather-seal that is flexible and a molding strip that resembles wood. The combination of the doorstop and the weather stripping is especially great in case your doorstop is damaged or rotted.

They are easy to install since they are only nailed to the door, creating a watertight seal. It also provides a combination that you can easily cut using a saw and installed with galvanized nails. To install, ensure the door stop and the door face are parallel, then compress the weatherstrip flange against the door by pushing the molding. Once this is achieved, fasten the molding using galvanized or stainless siding nails to the door.

Door Panel Weather Stripping

The door panel weather stripping found on Long Beach garages is V-shaped, self-adhesive, and comes in rolls. It is useful in sealing the gaps found between the garage door panels. In case you have a garage door that is old and has developed flat edges through the years, this door panel weather stripping is your best option. The process of installation is quite easy. You only need to stick it to the bottom or top garage door panels with the help of screws or galvanized nails.

The door panel weather stripping creates an effective seal when the door is closed by compressing the weather stripping. This helps in waterproofing the garage.

Use of Brush Strips on Long Beach Garages

Garage door brush strips are also ideal for waterproofing the garage, especially during wet weather. The brush strip is made of brush-type fibers on the inside of the door. This seals the space in between the garage floor and the door to keep the elements out.

The installation of the brush strips involves drilling holes to the garage door and fixing the door sweep to it using screws. The brush seal also comes in different standards such as light, heavy-duty, and standard, depending on your specifications.

Sealing Long Beach Garages

Since most garage doors are normally large, it is important to have proper sealing to ensure that your garage door is waterproof. The process of waterproofing the garage door involves sealing any holes or spaces apart from those present on the top, bottom, and sides of the garage door. Apart from just waterproofing the garage door, sealing also helps reduce your energy bills, creating optimum insulation, and protecting the property stored in the garage. If you consider ways of waterproofing your Long Beach garage by sealing your door, the above are some of the best ways to go about the process.