Long Beach homeowners have many options when it comes time to choose a garage door color. While it is up for debate, many believe that neutral colors make a better option.

Neutral Garage Door Colors Make for a Versatile Design

Long Beach has many bright and colorful homes that are interesting to look at. As a result, many Long Beach homeowners think that they should install a garage door that adds a popular color or bold color to their home. While it is a good design choice, many believe that neutral colors actually make for a more versatile design since these colors accentuate the style of your home. A neutral color will not become the center of attention when people drive by your home. This makes it easy to accentuate the other design elements that should be highlighted.

Popular Colors for Long Beach Homeowners

One of the best neutral colors for a garage door is white. There is a reason that the vast majority of homes in America have a white garage door. It is a proven look that works with any color of paint, siding, or stucco on a home. A bright and crisp white is a tough color to beat when you are going for a classic design.

Versatile Design Starts With Neutral Colors

Gray is another neutral color that is quickly growing in popularity in the Long Beach Area. If you have the right paint color, gray can add a calming effect to the look of your home that might not be as loud as a bright white. You can find many models of gray garage doors for installation in Long Beach.

How Can a Garage Door Increase Value?

If your home has a desert color siding or paint job, a beige or a tan door might be the right choice if you are looking to increase the value of your home. It is a good combination that gives you great curb appeal and a classic desert look.