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Long Beach Garage Door Repair: Tips for Reporting Vehicular Damage

As the old saying goes, “Accidents happen.” Garage doors are especially susceptible to accidental damage due to the consistent traffic flowing in and out of your home garage and the surrounding parking areas. And when the garage door damage is caused by an automobile, whether your own or that of a visitor to your home, it is crucial to examine the details of the event and document them well to ensure a fast reconciliation and the most affordable repair work for the damage. Read on for some tips from Long Beach garage door repair specialists.

Who Caused the Garage Door Damage?

The first step to deciding on the path toward repairs and insurance claims is to determine who is at fault with regard to the vehicular damage caused to your garage door. This will help you have a clearer understanding of the next steps so that you can proceed quickly and accurately.

If the damage was the result of an accident involving someone else’s vehicle, be sure to get the details of that person’s auto insurance. Because liability auto insurance covers damage done to other people’s property, you should be able to file a claim against that person’s auto insurance to get the garage door repairs started. Unfortunately, if you experience a hit-and-run accident and you are unable to secure the responsible party’s insurance information, you may be left holding the bag for the repair work and will need to file the claim with your own home insurance company.

On the other hand, if you or one of your dependents are the culprit in the incident, the claim will likely be filed only with your homeowner’s insurance. Even with comprehensive coverage, auto insurance companies typically do not cover damage incurred on a home you own, so the garage door repairs will be your responsibility. Of course, all policies are unique, so check with your auto insurance agent to make sure filling with them for the door repairs is not an option.

However, if you also sustained damage to your vehicle in the incident, you may be able to file with your auto insurance for the needed repairs for your car. Again, your particular insurance policy will determine if this method of filing is a possibility, so check the details of your plan.

Document Every Detail and Contact Insurance Quickly

You cannot have too much information documented when it comes to accident reports. The more details the better. Whether you will be filing with an auto insurance company, a home insurance company or both, be as thorough as possible when documenting the situation and reporting the incident.

Make sure you accurately note the basic information such as location, date and time of the accident. Keeping a designated notebook or computer file with all the necessary details is a good idea so you can have all the information quickly on hand when you need to speak with your insurance agents.

A detailed account of the accident itself, who caused the damage, and any other pertinent circumstances will also be needed to help insurance determine the claim’s validity. Again, jot down anything of note that may help with the process. Also, be sure to take plenty of pictures of every angle of the damage to the garage door and, if applicable, any damage to the vehicle involved.

And time is of the essence. It is crucial to take these notes and pictures as soon as possible to be able to report the truest account of the incident to your insurance company. Contact your insurance agent quickly to ensure a careful and timely review of your case and, if needed, to schedule an inspection of the accident site.

Making the Best Financial Move for Long Beach Garage Door Repair

Once you have documented the details of the damage, give yourself a refresher course on the ins and outs of your particular insurance deductibles. Often, garage door repairs are not quite as expensive as people imagine, so depending on your plan’s deductible, it may not be worth risking a premium increase to make a claim.

Check with your insurance agent to determine the best course of action. When you report the damage, they will likely require you to check with several different contractors for quotes on repairs. For most home insurance plans, the insurance will only pay if the amount of the needed repairs is more than the amount of the deductible you pay up front.

Because insurance claims often trigger an increase in the subscriber’s monthly premiums, if the needed garage door repair is only slightly higher than your home insurance deductible, it may be a better long-term choice to pay for the repairs yourself rather than filing a claim on your policy. Every situation is unique, so weigh your options before you make the call on finalizing an insurance claim.

Garage door damage caused by vehicles is an all-too-common event. Hopefully, these pointers, brought to you by the Long Beach garage door repair experts at Precision Door, will help you weather the process quickly and efficiently and help you save time and money when you face a garage door repair or garage door installation process in the future.