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Should You Tighten or Replace a Loose Garage Door Chain?

The chain drive is the most common type of component within residential homes. It’s not only durable but fairly affordable to purchase and replace. Much like every other component on your garage door, you’re likely to see some issues after a while. In terms of a chain, you will notice that it becomes loose over time. So, does this mean that you simply throw it away? It really depends, and therefore the following includes further information on whether you should tighten or replace a loose garage door chain.

When Tightening Your Garage Door Chain Is the Answer

If your chain is fairly new but has become loose over time, then it’s not really necessary to replace the whole thing. Unless you notice severe damage to the chain, you may be able to simply tighten it up. Fortunately, tightening a garage door chain is fairly easy but if you are not confident in doing this, then seeking the services of a Long Beach garage door installation company is your best bet.

Replacing the Chain

Because the garage door is used a lot throughout the week, it is much more likely to show some wear and tear before other items in your home. This is the leading factor and why you may notice a loose chain. Other components such as the tension springs may have some issues to them, causing the chain to loosen. Rust and lack of lubrication of the chain are other factors that can contribute to the chain’s loosening. If the chain has become rusted so much that it feels brittle, then it’s best to begin the replacement process.