The Top 5 Reasons Why Garage Doors Stop Working

When your garage doors aren’t functioning at optimal capacity, it can be very frustrating. You need to store your car and other important property within your garage and keep the interior warm and dry. There are many reasons why you may run into a problem, but the following are the top five reasons for garage doors to stop working.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

Obviously, if the batteries in your garage door transmitter are dead, a signal cannot be sent to the doors so they can open. If you check the transmitter located on the wall by your garage and press the button or switch and nothing happens, it’s an obvious sign the batteries have gone bad. A simple battery replacement can usually fix the issue.

Electric Eye Is Misaligned

If the electric eye is misaligned, you can experience garage door malfunction. The eyes emit an invisible beam that can determine if anything is in the door’s path when it closes. This is in place to ensure safety if a person or object is in the path to prevent injuries or damages. The malfunction might simply be due to debris on the electric eyes.

Track Is Not Aligned

If the garage door track isn’t properly aligned, it can lead to failure. In that case, checking garage doors is essential. If the alignment between the rail and rollers is out of place, it can make the garage door dangerous and potentially cause it to either move when it shouldn’t or not move at all, necessitating a professional Long Beach garage door repair.

An Object Is Blocking the Path

If an object is blocking the door’s path, the door will stop midway to prevent hitting it. It may also roll all the way back open as a safety measure. Even if it’s something small, like a rock, or if your garbage can is too close to the door, it won’t fully close.

Springs Are Broken

If the springs on your garage door are broken, you might hear a loud banging sound inside the garage. The springs are only able to properly function for a certain length of time before they wear out and need replacing. This is one of the most common reasons for garage door malfunction.

These are the most common reasons for garage doors to stop working. Knowing the specific issue can bring you closer to your doors working properly again.