Four Benefits of Installing a Smart Garage Door

When you explore your Long Beach garage door installation options, consider a smart garage door. Smart garage doors are among the latest advancements in smart home technology that works with any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Here are the benefits of installing a smart garage door.

More Garage Security and Safety

If you have wondered whether or not you closed the garage door, your device will tell you saving you unneeded trips. You can also check activity inside the garage and be informed of power outages, so you know to use the hand remote. It tells the times the door has been opened and closed which is useful for tracking teens or unauthorized users.

Better Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection

Carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues and spread to other rooms. A Smart carbon and smoke detector can be paired with a smart garage door remote. It sends alerts to your device upon detecting smoke or carbon, so you will be able to open the door to let the fumes outside or call emergency services.

Ability to Schedule Open/Close From Anywhere

Most models allow you to set a timer with an app to open the door a few minutes before you arrive home. This saves you the hassle of trying to find the remote, and it is convenient if the remote stops working when the battery fails. You can allow authorized people entrance at certain times from anywhere, such as a delivery person, without having to give them access codes. Some of them allow you to schedule lights to go on and off to look like someone is home.

Installing a Smart Garage Door Is Easy

Setting up a smart garage door opener may seem complex, but it is simple. In many cases, all you have to do is download the corresponding app, connect your device and follow the instructions. You commonly don’t have to subscribe to anything or pay fees.