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How to Measure Your Garage Door Opening

If you’re replacing your garage door or simply adding a new one for the first time, you’re going to have to measure the opening of it accurately. Contrary to popular belief, it’s going to take more than just measuring the height and width of the door to get the right numbers. Therefore, the following includes the step by step process to accurately measuring your garage door opening.

Exterior Door Opening Measurements

The very first thing you have to do is measure the width of the garage door. It should be noted that you must measure from the finished or exterior part of the garage door. The measurements should be recorded in feet and inches and must be at the door’s widest points.

Measuring the Height

Next, you’re going to need to measure the height of the opening of the door. This will have you measuring from the ground to the top of the finished opening. Now for the most important part of this step. You must also make sure to measure the left and right sides of the door as well. This is because some garage foundations may be sagging, and thus the opening might not be perfectly straight. If your opening is sagging, then it is recommended to seek the services of a Long Beach garage door installation company to have a proper installation done.

Interior Side Width

Once the height is measured, you can now enter the garage to measure the sidewalls of the opening. This will be used to install the proper tracking system and tension springs for your new garage door.

Headroom Opening

Because you always want to make sure that you have enough room to install a motor to open your door as well as enough room for it to fit above your garage you’re going to need to measure the headroom. This is done by measuring from the center of the garage to the top of the nearest obstacle.

Distance Measurement

The last thing you need to measure is the distance from the opening to the back of the garage space. This will provide you with the exact measurements regarding how you’re going to fit in your tracking system and any vehicles you are planning to store.