How to Make Your Garage Door More Eco-Friendly

From adding smart tech to your heating and cooling systems to investing in eco-friendly lighting, homeowners across the country are constantly looking to make their homes more environmentally friendly. However, we often forget one of the most important areas of the home. The garage door is one of the most used parts of the home and can really suck out most of your energy. Therefore, here are a few ways to make your garage door more eco-friendly.

Keep Your Maintenance Up to Date to Be Environmentally Friendly

A very common issue that tends to suck out energy and essentially use more electricity is not doing enough maintenance on your garage door motor. Issues such as dirt-build and normal wear and tear can really put a strain on your door each time its opened. If this motor seems to be fine, another area might be the issue. Garage door rollers and chords might be the issue in this instance as well. Note that you should be very careful when handling these parts. Therefore, it is highly recommended to either call a company that provides Long beach garage door repairs, or remove dirt every once in a while. This is your first step towards being that much more friendly to the environment.

Insulate Garage Door

Using green materials to add garage door insulation is the next step. Large sheets of material which form the garage door are often the main source of energy loss. This is a rather easy DIY project to accomplish on your own. If you have a wooden garage door, make sure that your insulation is rigid such as foam board. Other types such as steel and aluminum may use any type of insulation material. Simply choose appropriate size insulation material and apply them to the panels of your garage door.