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Tips for Leveling Your Garage Floor Before Door Installation

If you’re planning on installing a new garage door, there a number of things that you need to make sure are taken care of prior to the installation. One of those is the leveling of the garage ground. Because of the importance of properly leveling a garage door, homeowners must make sure that the ground is also optimal for the installation. So, how can you go about leveling the garage floor? Here are a few tips on just how to go making sure your ground is ready for a new garage door.

Adding Leveling Compound to the Garage Floor

Perhaps the easiest way to level your garage floor is to add a bit of leveling compound to the trouble areas. The way it works is that it is poured onto an unleveled area of the floor. The compound then simply fills that slope, dries, and now you have a leveled floor. Although it might sound simple to do, it can be a little difficult if you’ve never done it before. Because the garage ground can be a little more unleveled and sometimes cracked, you need to make sure that a professional is pouring the liquid. To get the best results possible, you can seek the services of a Long Beach garage door installation company for further advice.

Slab Jacking Method

If you have a concrete slab that is uneven, it can seem that you might just need to remove the whole floor to make it even again. However, this is not only time consuming but very expensive. Slack jacking allows you to target the specific slap of concrete that is uneven. The way it levels your ground is by drilling holes into the concrete and applying a slurry of sand or gravel to raise the concrete. This technique can be a little expensive as you do need professional help, but it can get the job done in a rapid amount of time.