Can You Update Your Garage Door by Painting It?

The answer is yes! Garage door installation professionals in Long Beach can ascertain that it is one excellent method of updating your garage door. Give your door a new lease of life by using a stain or paint. Do the painting during a mild dry season. Start by disengaging the garage door’s automatic lock. Then, sand any peeling paint or rust and clean the garage door thoroughly. It will help if you protect your garage floor and driveway by using a drop cloth.

When you decide on painting your garage door, begin with a primer. The paint will provide proper coverage for a dark color and will adhere better, too. Make sure both your primer and your paint are only for external use. You can use a roller to speed up the painting on large garage door parts. For detail, consider using a brush.

The Importance of Garage Door Color

Your garage door is essential in your home’s outlook. It is responsible for at least 40% of your home’s exterior facade, according to garage door installation experts. You would want to pick a garage door color that sits well with the surrounding with colors that are neither too shouting nor too dull. More so, the design of your garage door would play a part in its look also.

How Do You Choose a Garage Door Color for Painting?

If you are giving your garage a face lift, you may be wondering which particular color will work best with the garage’s exterior. Just like picking a theme color for the rest of your home is vital to its outlook; choosing an appropriate garage door color is essential. Long Beach garage door installation experts can work on your garage’s outlook in all possible facets. They can also help you explore a myriad of garage door color options based on the predominant color styles of your neighborhood.