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How Do UV Rays Affect Garage Doors in Long Beach?

Those living within sunny locations such as Texas or California understand just how powerful the sun can be on some days. In fact, many homeowners will take time to remove outdoor furniture and plants when the sun is especially bright. However, there is another component of the home that can be greatly affected by the UV rays of the sun, and that is the garage door. But how exactly does your door become damaged by the sun? The following includes a list of things that occur when a garage door is hit with too much sun.

UV Rays and Garage Door Paint

Perhaps the most obvious sign that the sun’s UV Rays have damaged your garage door is the discoloration of the door’s paint. If the paint is not reapplied, it may even begin to cause damage to the garage door’s panels. Panels that are damaged will begin to warp, causing other issues with the door’s tracking system as it will have difficulty moving up and down. If warping is already on your door, it is important to bring in a Long Beach garage door repair company to fix the issue before reapplying paint.

Damaged Door Sensors

Although the garage door sensor is created to handle moisture and dirt, it can be heavily damaged by the sun if its rays continue to hit it. This can cause the sensor to think that an obstacle is in its way, thus preventing the door from closing properly. As you may be aware, this is a serious security risk to your home.


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