Each year has its own specific set of garage door trends. Whether you are interested in durability or curb appeal, there are a few popular options for 2020 that you should look into getting.

Garage Door Trends in 2020

If your garage needs a bit of a tune-up or you simply want to make a change to its appearance, there are certain trends for 2020. These are the ones you should keep your eyes peeled for and consider having installed this year.

One of the Unique Garage Door Trends

Without a doubt, one of the most unique trends for 2020 is the swing-out carriage style. This is one of the most attractive door styles and it can add considerable value to your home. The garage doors are made of solid wood and can include as much detailing or as little as you like. You can also paint it in a color to complement your home.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel doors are low maintenance and are another of the popular garage door trends this year. The best options are those that are made up of two layers of galvanized steel that include a topcoat of paint or primer. You can choose it in a variety of styles as well and can even have composite material placed over it. This is certainly something to consider if you need frequent garage door repairs in Long Beach.

Glass-Paneled Garage Doors

When thinking about popular 2020 garage doors trends, you simply can’t forget about the glass-paneled style. These are best for homeowners who prefer a contemporary look to their property. The doors have a clean look with transparent glass panels and can even offer you a good sense of security.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum is always included in popular garage door trends. It is lightweight and available in a wide array of styles, making it one of the most attractive options if you’re looking to update your garage. They also offer the benefit of being resistant to rust and are inexpensive.

These are all the garage door trends for 2020. Once you determine the best one for your home, you can enjoy the update to your garage.