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How Beneficial Are Different Layers on a Garage Door?

When it comes to picking a garage door for your home, your initial thoughts may be on the cost. But there are other concerns you should address first. Your garage door is an important barrier between your home and the world. The number of layers on the inside has a large influence on how well it safeguards from the outside. Below is an explanation of how beneficial having different layers on a garage door are to your home.

Single-Layer Garage Doors Offer Coverage With Less Protection

A single-layer garage door can come in steel, wood, or fiberglass and have no additional insulation added to them. They offer simple, lightweight protection that is great when you are working with a low budget. It requires less electricity to operate and would be a great choice if you wanted a manual-only garage door that many bike riders use. Yet, due to the thinness, they are easier to dent and may need more Long Beach garage door repairs.

Different Layers Offer More Garage Door Insulation

Having a double-layered garage door means extra steps of the fabrication process, which also indicates a higher price. A section of polystyrene board and a slim back cover get added to increase the soundproofing and energy efficiency of the door. This can be helpful when getting children, seniors, pets, or groceries out of the car each day. The bonus layer acts as a barrier between your loved ones and any severe weather that could occur outside.

A Triple-Layered Door May Be the Best Choice for a Replacement Garage Door

The triple-layered door is seen as the top-tier choice when it comes to outfitting the entrance of your garage. These garage doors have two outer layers with a layer of insulation in between. Because of these, you will experience more savings in energy costs and protection against outside temperatures. If you have a single or double-layer door that has incurred damage, it would be good to move to a triple layer replacement garage door, which is sturdier and offers more protection.