Tips for Making a Garage Door Wheelchair/Walker-Accessible

If age or debilitating illness or injury has left a loved one dependent on a wheelchair or walker, you may be considering possible ways to make your home more accessible. When doing so, don’t forget about your garage. Today, we’re going to discuss ways to create a wheelchair/walker-accessible garage door – or make appropriate garage door adjustments.

Create a Wheelchair/Walker-Accessible Garage Door With an Automatic System

Long Beach garage doors are going to be more accessible if they run on an automatic system. If you don’t have one, trained Long Beach garage door repair and installation technicians can install one. Just make sure to have the remote control placed at a level that is accessible. And if you already have an automatic system, garage door adjustments may be necessary if there’s a need to reposition the control to make it more accessible for a loved one using a walker or wheelchair.

Lengthen the Emergency Release Cord

Provide some added peace of mind for a wheelchair/walker-dependent loved one by lengthening your door’s emergency release cord. Doing so will allow your loved one to leave the garage should the automatic opener fail. Another convenient access option is to explore garage door systems that have mobile apps that can allow for easy control of the door by someone with limited mobility.

Choose a Durable Garage Door That Allows in Plenty of Light

Once your garage is walker or wheelchair accessible, consider a door that allows in enough light to boost visibility for your loved one as they first enter the garage before having a chance to turn on a light. Also, if it’s time for a new garage door, look for one with added insulation and durable materials. What this does is add some strength and stability to your garage door, which is important since it typically takes extra time to help a loved one in a wheelchair in or out of a vehicle.