If you own a Victorian-era home, it may not have a garage. Installing a garage would increase the value of your home.

The Best Type of Garage Door for a Victorian House

Victorian homes were built when more was considered better. More trim, design elements and ornate fixtures were standard. The most harmonious style of garage door installation in Long Beach for a Victorian house is considered the carriage style because it appears a bit old-fashioned.

Wood Is Considered the Best Garage Door Material for a Victorian House

Natural wood is considered the best material because it harmonizes with the old-style architecture. A wooden carriage-style garage door would be perfect, but wood takes a lot of care and upkeep. The door would need to be painted regularly and protected from the direct sun and ocean moisture that is common in Long Beach.

There is another way. Faux wood is a good option because it appears like wood but is made of low-maintenance steel. This type can be insulated and finished with a woodgrain texture composite overlay. You can even get the shade of wood that matches your home.

Victorian Design Ideas

Now that you have chosen a natural wood or faux wood garage door, you need to consider the ornamentation that makes it Victorian. Remember, the architects of that time loved the detail, the more the better. Some design elements you may consider adding include:

• Windows. They come in a variety of shapes from portholes to dormers and have the added advantage of allowing natural light into the garage. Translucent glass may be best for security, so outsiders can’t peek into your garage

• Trim around the windows and door that repeats any trim on other parts of the house

• Accessories such as lighting on either side of the door in an old-world style with fancy hinges and handles

Keeping the Tradition

Installing a new garage in an old-style home is challenging if you want to maintain the architectural style. If the new door doesn’t harmonize with the rest of the house, it will look out of place and detract from the otherwise quaint and historical features of your home.