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Understanding the Parts of a Garage Door Opener

The garage door is one of the most convenient parts of the home. It protects us from the elements and keeps us safe at night. However, not many can say that they know how their garage door opener works. The following includes some of the most important components that allow the opener to function properly each and every day.

Garage Door Opener

Perhaps the first thing that a homeowner will notice is that large motor hanging from the top of the garage. This is also known as the operator and what receives the information from your control to open or close the door.

Tension Springs

Contrary to popular belief, the operator, aka motor, is not the only thing that brings up the garage door. The tension springs play a big part in bringing the door up and down safely. The tension springs hold a lot of energy, and thus it is recommended to have a Long Beach garage door repairs company come in to make any repairs.

Tracking System and Rollers

Although the tension springs and motor provide the energy for the door to lift, it is the tracking system and rollers that help guide it into place. The tracking system will run from the sides of the garage door up towards the ceiling.

Manual Cord

This red string will often be found near or attached to the garage door opener. The cord, when pull converts the door into manual mode. This means that it will now be able to lift up with the use of your arms. This cord will often only be used in the event of an emergency such as a fire or power outage.

Insulation and Weatherstripping

Although not all garage doors will come with these, they are often added by the homeowner. Insulation and weatherstripping prevent harsh weather from coming into the home. This can provide homeowners with a much more comfortable garage as well as lower monthly utility bills.