Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair & Replacement in Long Beach

From Alamitos Beach and Eastside to Belmont Shore, Lakewood Village, and North Long Beach, Precision Door Service provides customers with prompt garage door opener repair and replacement. Our trained technicians can complete any sized repair job.

When your Long Beach garage door opener stops working, call us for same-day service. Our technicians are available 24/7 so if it’s an emergency, we can be there right away.

We’re also committed to the highest quality workmanship for Long Beach homeowners. Our service is backed by our simple three-step installation process and an industry-best lifetime warranty. Our options are another reason customers put their faith in us; the types of garage door openers available to Long Beach residents include:

Chain Drive

The most common type of garage door opener, it uses a bicycle-like chain to move a trolley that in turn moves the door; it’s well-suited for standard aluminum garage doors.

Belt Drive

Similar to chain drive openers but use a steel-reinforced rubber belt instead; operating more quietly, it’s better suited for garages near interior rooms.

Screw Drive

Uses a threaded steel rod to move a trolley; a little noisier, it tends to require less lifetime maintenance and is more suited for wider and heavier doors.


This type of opener is relatively compact, enabling installers to fit it in low, obstructed, or cathedral-type ceilings.

Direct Drive

The motor directly engages the trolley; no chain, belt, or threaded rod is used, allowing the opener to run quietly with minimal maintenance.

Garage Door Opener Features for Long Beach Residents

Knowing the right type of opener you need is important. Regardless of what you ultimately choose, each system should have a few extra features such as:

  • Backup Battery: A source of reserve power, so your garage door is operable during a power outage.
  • Entry Keypad: Another option for secure access, aside from a garage door remote or smartphone app.
  • Safety Sensors: Detect obstructions such as objects, pets, and people to prevent the garage door from closing on them.
  • Rolling Code Security System: Generates a unique access code each time the remote is used, to prevent a similar remote from opening the door and make it difficult for intruders to hack the system.

A garage door opener should also integrate with other smart home systems and Wi-Fi enabled devices. Remote access is also a good feature and goes well beyond the standard garage door opener remote. It lets you change settings, see if your garage door is open/closed, control the door, or receive alerts anywhere. Some advanced openers have carbon-monoxide sensors, Bluetooth speakers, and parking assist lasers.

Precision Garage Door Openers

At Precision Door Service, we have our own line of garage door openers.

PDS800® Newton DC Powered Garage Door Opener

An energy efficient option, the PDS800® Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator offers variable speed operation for quiet performance. It also comes with a wall station with illuminated controls, quick disconnect trolley, and long-range remote control.

Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door Opener in Long Beach?

Our technicians provide garage door opener repairs in Long Beach. Sometimes a repair can get your system working again. However, if you’re having problems, it’s best to have an expert inspect it and make a professional recommendation. A replacement is the more likely option if your opener is more than 15 years old, has frequent problems, or is obsolete. It may be hard to find parts and the opener may lack modern features like optical sensors.

If the door stops opening or closing, works intermittently, or makes strange noises, our technicians may be able to repair underlying issues. You can call us 24/7, day or night, and we’ll send a repair technician who can decide on the best solution to your garage door problems.

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Our garage door technicians are ready to provide homeowners with quick garage door opener repair or replacement in Long Beach. Customers have depended on our same-day service for years.

Our Long Beach garage door company also has owns a garage door opener brand, enabling you to choose reliable state-of-the-art models. A full stock of parts and accessories is also in our inventory.

You also benefit from our easy 3-step garage door opener installation process, consisting of:

Estimate: A complete written estimate, covering every detail of the project or repair job, and signed by our certified technician.

Completion: We provide a run-down of everything we did, so you can trust our professional judgement and quality of service.

Warranty: Our industry-leading warranty covers labor, repairs, and defects in workmanship, plus we offer a convenient 24-hour call back policy.

If your Long Beach garage door opener is acting up, don’t wait. Give us a call today or contact our friendly support team online.

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