Technicians installing a garage door

Insulation is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping around for a garage door. The material, style, and aesthetics of a door are crucial elements, given it covers as much as a third of a home’s front facade. Garage door insulation, however, has numerous impacts not only related to the function of your garage, but your home overall.

Technicians installing a garage door

The benefits often seen with an insulated garage door include:

Temperature Management

An insulated door can manage the temperature any season of the year. Garages are inherently susceptible to outside temperatures, so can be sweltering hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. If your garage door is well-insulated, it can keep the space comfortable during the cold months. You also won’t sweat as much when the outside temperatures are hot.

Nonetheless, it’s not only the temperature of your garage that is affected. If your garage is attached to your home, heated or cooled air can easily escape through it, driving up your utility bills. Insulation avoids this problem; not to mention your garage can become a sanctuary as soon as you get out of the cold and snow!

Less Outside Noise

Insulating materials also block noise from cars, motorcycles, lawn care equipment, jackhammers, and airplanes. Whatever is making the outside environment noisy, you don’t have to be disturbed by it inside. Also, garage doors tend to make noise when they open or close. An insulated garage door can prevent this noise from entering the living space and distracting occupants inside.

Increased Function

An insulated garage has an improved comfort level that can extend its function beyond being a place to park your car, store outdoor items, and keep stuff you don’t need. The garage can become a highly functional living space. Whether you turn it into a TV room, a place to enjoy your hobbies, or a child’s playroom, insulation can make all the difference. In any case, working in the garage is more pleasant and temperature- and humidity-sensitive items stored there will be protected.

double door garage


Insulated doors often have a strong aluminum or steel frame with a solid core. Sandwiched between single or dual panels, insulating materials help add strength. Single-layer, uninsulated garage doors don’t have this advantage and are more easily dented or otherwise damaged. Insulated doors are protected against impacts, projectiles, and weather, possibly adding longevity so you don’t need to replace your garage door as often. One reason is extreme temperatures don’t affect springs, cables, belts, drive mechanisms, and other parts of your garage door opener mechanism.

Your Car Is Protected

Storing a car in freezing temperatures can affect it in many ways. You might see shorter battery life, thickened engine/transmission/brake fluids, lower tire air pressure, and spark plug and wiring problems. Raising the temperature of a garage by just 12 degrees can lead to a longer battery life, as insulation can warm the room to a more favorable range. Other items protected by insulation and less extreme temperatures include motor oil, cleaning supplies, and cans of paint stored in the garage.

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