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The Importance of Installing a Lockset on a Garage Door

You don’t want to live with a broken garage door. That broken door can not only hurt the curb appeal of your home; it can offer a green light for those who may want to break into your residence. Many burglars look for easy targets. Since a garage door is the largest movable part of your home, a burglar can easily slip themselves under a broken garage door and let themselves into your home while you are away. During repairs, make sure your garage door has a functional lockset installed.

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Lockset Is Broken

Sometimes, it is obvious if your garage door is broken. You can visually inspect the garage door for damage on the surface such as cracks and openings. However, you can have a damaged lockset and not even know it. After locking your garage door, check to see if you can force the garage door open by simply lifting it. If you can lift the door open, so can potential burglars. At that point, you will need professional Long Beach garage door repair to repair or install a new lockset.

Should You Have Your Garage Door Repaired or Replaced?

In some cases, you may only need to repair or replace the lockset on your garage door. However, if you have structural damage to your garage door, then you will want to have it replaced. From there, you should look at a study garage door that can withstand years of use.