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How Garage Door Openers Work

The garage door is usually the biggest door in your home, and therefore it needs some heavy-duty power to open and close properly each time you use it. It is also highly recommended to understand this component of your garage as it can be a safety risk when left to run with unattended repairs. Therefore, the following list includes information regarding the functionality of the garage door opener.


The opener isn’t just one thing but a series of components all working to lift and bring down your garage door properly. You have the rollers which smoothly guide the garage door up towards the ceiling and back down. The track which is often confused with rollers is the actual path the rollers take. Most tracks consist of three tracks running on the side of the garage and through the middle. Next is the curved arms of the garage. No, not actual arms but rather a set of curve metal that helps the door curve up towards your ceiling.

Then you have the tension springs which either extend or detract when your garage door moves up and down. If it weren’t for tension springs, your door could potentially fall rapidly. In the event that you experience a broken tension spring, do not attempt to fix it. You should call a garage door installation Long Beach company to assist you with this repair. Lastly, you have your remote control sensor and the manual lever that when pulled allows the door to be opened by hand.

Belt Garage Door Opener

For homeowners wanting the utmost silence from their garage door, belt openers are certainly the way to go. Since the operator begins to move through rubber rather than metal, it produces considerably lesser noise. These belts are also low-maintenance, which are a major plus for homeowners.

Chain-Garage Door Openers

Although noisier than its rubber counterpart, the chain garage door opener provides homeowners with readily available material at a low cost. Chain openers are usually placed within detached garages rather than those connected to the home.