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Preventative care and maintenance keep your garage door functional and safe for many years. By staying on top of garage door maintenance, problems can be identified and fixed before they cause property damage or injuries. As part of your garage door maintenance checklist:

young woman cleaning garage door

1. Check for Anything Unusual

Look for issues with springs, hinges, tracks, cables, and other moving parts. As you examine it, look and listen. Warning signs include rattling or jerking when the garage door moves. Squealing, squeaking, or grinding sounds can mean parts are loose, damaged, or under excess friction.

2. Don’t Skip Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Garage door springs are under constant strain. Prone to wear and rust, they can put your door, car, and personal safety at risk. Broken springs can become fast-moving, deadly projectiles. Lubricate your springs regularly and seek professional service when necessary.

3. Balance the Garage Door

An off-balance garage door works harder, wearing down parts faster and reducing its life. Pull the red cord or release handle to disconnect the opener. Next, pull the door halfway up. It should stay in place; if not, the springs may be improperly balanced.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts

Use spray lubricant for overhead springs once a year, and white lithium grease for chains. Motor oil works on most metal parts. If nylon rollers are used, lubricate the bearings, while a brake cleaner can be used for the track.

5. Replace Weatherstripping

Check for cracks or wear in the rubber weather seal strip at the door base. Worn or damaged weatherstripping should be replaced to keep out the elements. You can find it at hardware stores and cut and install the strip without a professional’s help.

6. Clean the Garage Door Thoroughly

Using a mild all-purpose cleaner or soap and water eliminates dirt and debris that can cause excess wear. Cleaning takes just a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can quickly inspect moving parts to ensure they’re functional and in good shape.

7. Test the Auto-Reversal Feature

Place an object, such as a block of wood, below the door and it should instantly reverse when it touches the object. To test the photoelectric safety system, block the beam with your leg while the door is moving. If it doesn’t reverse, contact a professional.

8. Clean/Level the Tracks

Garage door tracks can clog with debris or shift out of alignment. Clear away any dirt or grime and use a level to make sure the track is straight, or plumb. If there are cracks or defects, or the track won’t move into position with household tools, call a technician.

9. Clear Away Rust

Although rust prevention is best, steel garage doors may eventually show signs of oxidation. To avoid more serious issues, use steel wool to rub away rust. Wipe the door clean and it should be rust-free and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

10. Tighten Hardware

From time to time, you might need to tighten components. Constant vibration can loosen various parts, especially since garage doors move up and down at least twice daily. Rattling parts can loosen the entire door and knock it out of alignment.

Precision Door Service of Long Beach Helps Maintain Garage Doors

Experienced with garage door maintenance best practices, our technicians can perform detailed inspections, make adjustments, and replace worn parts whenever necessary. They are all qualified, trained, and field tested. For prompt, reliable same-day service, and to obtain a free quote and top-quality garage door maintenance, call our Long Beach office at 562-628-8721 today!