Garage Door Panel with Windows

Garage doors consists of complex, intricate sets of mechanical parts. Therefore, garage door problems are inevitable. Troubleshooting a problem can help spot common issues that can be easily fixed. Although you can’t address every issue yourself, as some are too dangerous to attempt without proper training and tools, here are some common garage door problems you might be able to tackle.

Garage Door Panel with Windows

Stuck Garage Door Opener

This is an extremely common problem. If you can’t find obvious signs of damage to a chain- or screw-drive garage door opener, try adding some lubricant. Garage door spray or silicone-based lubricants reduce friction caused by moving parts. Lubricate the full length of the garage door, wipe away excess lubricant, and try again; if your garage door functions, no further work is needed.

The Garage Door Opener Won’t Respond

You press the controls or activate your keyless entry, and nothing happens. Not all hope is lost. Perhaps the photosensor eyes are dirty or misaligned. Try cleaning them or moving them back into place. If the sensors aren’t lit, try resetting the circuit breaker or checking that the system is plugged in or connected to a power supply. When you suspect the remote control isn’t working, check whether the batteries are inserted properly or are old; perhaps you just need new batteries to get things working again.

The Door Is Noisy

Grinding and other sounds can be extremely annoying. They’re certainly enough to get your nerves on edge, but if you can find a squeaky part, applying lubrication can resolve the issue. Loose components can generate noise too. See if you can tighten them, but oftentimes professional experience and tools are needed, so contact our team if necessary.

Technician repairing garage door

Cracks or Gaps Have Formed

Caulking a crack with sealant or using a waterproof filler can seal up many cracks. If the weather sealant has cracked, air, water, and noise can enter. Available to purchase at home improvement stores, weather sealants can be installed without a professional and effectively seal up any cracks or seams. Also, if your door doesn’t seal completely at the bottom, pipe insulation can be installed on the affected part.

Rust Is Forming

Corrosion is not pretty. It can also compromise your garage door’s integrity, allowing dirt and other outside contaminants in. Rust can sometimes be removed with dishwashing soap and a vinegar-soaked cloth. Vinegar naturally dissolves rust. Then use a sander on the rusted part, which can then be primed and painted, if this won’t void your warranty. However, annual maintenance can prevent rust from forming.

The Door Starts Closing, then Reverses

If the garage door closes, stops, and then reverses direction, it is opening in response to feedback from the photo-eyes. These sensors are required safety features. They will flash green if working properly. If you don’t see a green light, look for debris or obstructions or take measurements from the ground to the center of each sensor. Adjustments may be needed to restore proper garage door function.

Call Precision Door Service of Long Beach

If you can’t correct seemingly minor problems, it’s time to call a professional to repair your garage door. Precision Door Service of Long Beach employs trained and experienced garage door installation and repair professionals who can ensure your home is as efficient as possible. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we provide same-day and 24/7 emergency service. That means you can call us at any time, at 562-222-3505, in the Long Beach area to address your garage door problems.