Using a garage door remote

There are many reasons your garage door opener is not working, but you don’t always have to think the worst. A serious mechanical problem may not be the cause. Rather, the issue may be originating with your garage door remote. A few factors can affect the function of this transmitter. Luckily, many of them can be easily addressed, such as:

Using a garage door remote

Dead Batteries

All batteries run out of juice eventually. It’s a common reason garage door openers stop working. The higher the quality of a battery, the longer it will last. To fix the problem, all you need to do is open the battery compartment and put in a new set of batteries. But is it really this simple?

Here are ways to address a battery issue:

  • Try a different remote, such as one used in another vehicle. If it works, that’s a sure sign the other remote has a bad battery. When both remotes don’t work, there’s probably a completely different problem.
  • Once the battery compartment is open, check the battery contacts. The remote may need repair or replacement if the contacts are severely worn. If they’re dirty, clean them; if they’re wet, wipe them dry before replacing the batteries.

Dirty/Scratched Plastic Cover

The guts of the remote, the transmitter, is surrounded by a protective plastic cover. Although this cover is durable, it can get scratched if dropped or rubbed against by a harder material, such as metal. A dirty cover can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth so the signal can get through. It may even be possible to polish the cover. But if scratches or dents are preventing the transmitter’s signal from getting through, you may need a replacement device.

Also, check the receiving antenna. It’s often a component that hangs straight down; identify the antenna and determine whether it appears to be positioned wrong. You might be able to move it slightly to mitigate the issue.

Problems with Remote Control Settings

If there’s a problem with the settings, the garage door opener will not work. The opener and the remote each function like a small computer. As often works with any computer, rebooting the device can resolve the problem. Try removing the batteries and replacing them after 30 seconds; unplug the receiver for 30 seconds as well. The remote should work if the internal circuit boards are reset.

Rolling codes, which change after each use as a standard security feature, can get mixed up. If that’s the case, erase the code and reprogram it. Your garage door opener operating manual should tell you how to accomplish this, but you should be able to erase the code by holding the “Learn” button down for six seconds, or until its indicator light goes out. Next, hold down the “Learn” button and remote button. The light should flash, or two clicks should sound.

If this process is successful, the garage door should move when you press the remote’s open/close button.

When to Call a Professional

In most instances, you should be able to fix your garage door remote. But these quick fixes might not always work. If not, the problem may be with the receiver. Replacing it is a little more complicated, so you should consider calling a professional. When your garage door opener is not working and you can’t figure out why, call Precision Door Service of Long Beach at 562-222-3505 and a technician will troubleshoot and fix the problem, while ensuring your garage is functional, properly maintained, and efficient.